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Tass'an, a Jaffa who bears the black tattoo of Heru'ur, was one of the founders of a free Jaffa settlement on the planet Sartorus. Many families came to live on Sartorus to enjoy the freedom they had fought so hard to achieve. When a Prior arrived on the planet, he told of powerful gods called the Ori, who he claimed would give protection and show the path to enlightenment, and he told the people of Sartorus they must make the choice to follow the Ori or be destroyed. When the people chose to resist, the Prior dialed the stargate and placed his staff in the ground in front of it, and the ground shook with tremendous fierceness. In moments the city was leveled, and hundreds of people were wiped out in an instant. Tass'an survived the devastation. At Teal'c's request, he visited the SGC to share the story of his world with Volnek, a captured warrior of the Sodan, who had also been visited by a Prior and had begun to accept Origin. Tass'an warned, "If a Prior visits your world, leave," but Volnek would not be persuaded by his words.

Portrayed by: Darcy Laurie

Cross Reference: Jaffa, Volnek

Episode Reference: Babylon