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09.19 Episode 193
Airdate: March 3, 2006

A link through an Alteran communication terminal allows Vala to suddenly appear at the SGC in the body of Daniel Jackson. Communicating from the Ori galaxy, she speaks through Daniel and relates the story of her fate. Since being drawn into the Ori galaxy through the black hole, she had awakened in the village of Ver Isca where she was taken in and cared for by Tomin, a gentle and compassionate man and a devout follower of the Ori. Shortly afterward, she discovered that she was pregnant, but the child could not have been conceived in the usual way, and in fear for her life Vala had married Tomin, hoping that he would believe the child was his.

For months, the Ori had been preparing a vast army to vanquish the wicked, and Tomin was among the loyal followers to be joyously conscripted. When Seevis, the leading citizen of Ver Isca, had arrested Vala as an unbeliever and chained her at the village altar for three days without food or water, she had barely survived the ordeal, only to learn that it had been a test, and that Seevis and his followers were members of an anti-Ori underground movement determined to sabotage the Ori ships before they could be launched on their crusade. Even more terrifying than the armada, however, was the Prior's revelation that Vala's child was "the will of the Ori."

As Vala reveals to the SGC the failure of Seevis's plan to destroy the Ori starcraft, her communication link is suddenly severed in mid sentence. Tomin, outraged at finding his wife among the unbelievers, had killed Seevis and destroyed the terminal. Vala tearfully pleads for his compassion, and convinces Tomin that she and her child must be spared so that she may join him in his quest and they may walk the path of enlightenment together. But her words of warning have reached Earth, and the SGC begins to prepare for the Day of Reckoning. The Ori ships have launched, the crusade has begun, and somewhere out there, the Ori have a working supergate.

Written by: Robert C. Cooper
Directed by: Robert C. Cooper

Guest Starring: Claudia Black as Vala Mal Doran, Tim Guinee as Tomin, Daniella Evangelista as Denya, Garry Chalk as Colonel Chekov, Tamlyn Tomita as Shen Xiaoyi, Michael Ironside as Seevis, Doug Abrahams as Prior, Alex Dafoe as Halstrom, Dan Shea as Sergeant Siler

Reference: Ancient Communication Stone, Ancient Communication Terminal, Anti-Ori Underground, Ara, Colonel Chekov, Day of Reckoning, Denya, Doomsday, Halstrom, International Oversight Advisory, Jaffa Nation, Kawoosh, Vala Mal Doran, Ori, Ori Staff Weapon, Ori Warriors, Ori Warship, Origin, Prior, Prior Staff, Russians, Seevis, Shen Xiaoyi, Sergeant Siler, Tok'ra Receiver, Tomin, Ver Isca


Destinations & Inhabitants

Ver Isca

Destinations & Inhabitants

Followers of Origin

Destinations & Inhabitants



  • Vala is able to communicate from the Ori galaxy through Daniel's body using SGC's emulated technology that mimics the Alteran communication stones and terminal.
  • Vala's unborn child is "the will of the Ori."
  • The Russians negotiated for a Daedalus-class ship in exchange for agreeing to renew the Gate Alliance Treaty.


  • You have been impregnated without copulation? [Teal'c]
    Yes, and I'm absolutely terrified. Have any of you ever heard of anything like it? [Vala]
    Well, there's one... [Mitchell]
    Darth Vader. [Teal'c]


  • Popular Culture References:
    • Star Wars
      • Darth Vader