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Sergeant Siler

Sergeant Sly Siler is a member of the SGC, assigned to the base. He is known for his expertise in the mechanical and electrical operation of the stargate, and he apparently also shares O'Neill's interest in "The Simpsons." He frequently cooperates with other base technicians, notably Major Wood, and he is regularly called upon to make corrections and repairs to the stargate systems and equipment, a job which often requires the use of a very big wrench.

Despite being assigned to the base, Siler has had his share of injuries in the performance of his duties, including severe electrical burns, a broken arm, a concussion, a broken nose, an eye injury, a neck injury, and burns from a staff weapon during the testing of the prototype SG vest.

Siler's contributions include repairing the stargate after a power overload, dismantling the orb, running probability tests during gate malfunctions, engaging emergency override systems, repairing damage to the electrical systems, coordinating technical and computer systems, correcting and adjusting iris and DHD connections, assisting in the analysis of alien artifacts, preparing the MALP, UAV, and other devices for launch, overhauling the gate generators, testing new technology, defending the base from alien incursion, and helping Carter to restore her motorcycle.

Portrayed by: Dan Shea

Cross Reference: SGC, SG Vest, Major Wood

Episode Reference: Solitudes, Message in a Bottle, The Fifth Race, A Matter of Time, Serpent's Song, Foothold, Crystal Skull, Small Victories, The Other Side, Upgrades, Window of Opportunity, The Curse, Chain Reaction, Entity, Red Sky, 48 Hours, Menace, Redemption, Descent, Unnatural Selection, Paradise Lost, Prophecy, Fallen, Lifeboat, Evolution, Death Knell, Heroes, Lockdown, Zero Hour, Avatar, Sacrifices, Endgame, Gemini, Reckoning, Beachhead, Ex Deus Machina, Ripple Effect, Crusade, Insiders, 200, Family Ties