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08.11 Episode 165
Airdate: January 21, 2005

The SGC receives an unscheduled off-world gate activation, and as SG-1 gathers to view the incoming video transmission, they are astonished to see an image of Colonel Carter. The image explains that she is a Replicator, made by Fifth in Carter's image, and she has come to warn of Fifth's arrival in the galaxy. She fears Fifth, who has found a cipher to make all the Replicators but herself immune to the disruptor technology, and she wishes to be destroyed. Carter recommends that SG-1 gain useful information from the Replicator duplicate before destroying her, and O'Neill reluctantly agrees to a meeting off-world.

At the Alpha Site, Teal'c and Carter meet the Replicator double and offer her protection for her cooperation in finding a cipher that will make the disruptor effective again. The Replicator agrees, but as she accesses the subspace link to seek the information, she instead contacts Fifth and assures him that his plan is working and the humans have begun to trust her. As Carter and her double cooperate in running simulations, Thor sends a disruptor satellite which Teal'c deploys in orbit. When the cipher and the modification are found and uploaded, the satellite will be capable of defeating Fifth's forces.

As Fifth's ship approaches the Alpha Site, Replicator Carter announces that she has located the cipher and completed the modification of the disruptor. Before it can be uploaded to the satellite, however, the Replicator fires the unmodified weapon and Fifth's ship is destroyed. Fifth had never been immune. Replicator Carter had deceived them all, used the cipher herself, and destroyed her creator, whom she saw as pathetic and weak. Intent on ruling the galaxy herself, Replicator Carter easily overcomes the security on the base, escapes through the stargate, and reunites with her brethren, who are now immune to Earth's only defense against them.

Written by: Peter DeLuise
Directed by: William Waring

Guest Starring: Patrick Currie as Fifth, Gary Jones as Technician, Jason Emanuel as Tech Sergeant, Dan Shea as Sergeant Siler, Chris Robson as S.F., Michael Shanks as Voice of Thor

Reference: Alpha Site, Asgard, Samantha Carter, Disruptor, F-302, Fifth, Naquadah Generator, P4X-650, Replicators, Replicator Carter, Security Lockdown, Sergeant Siler, Thor


Destinations & Inhabitants

Alpha Site on P4X-650

Destinations & Inhabitants

Replicator Carter


  • The disruptor is a weapon capable of severing the kiron pathways that link individual Replicator cells, causing Replicators to disintegrate. The effect is instantaneous and painless.
  • The Asgard have developed a system of disruptor satellites that can deploy the beam in space and therefore can stop a ship or prevent a large-scale attack.
  • The disruptor satellite was deployed by the F-302 in a geosynchronous orbit above the Alpha Site base at an altitude of 33,785 kilometers, 0 inclination.
  • Replicator Carter isolated a cipher and introduced it into the kiron pathways that control the molecular cohesion of Replicators in order to make herself immune to the disruptor.
  • Now we've got Replicators in our galaxy and they're immune to the only technology we have that could have stopped them.
  • The Prometheus now has a new Asgard hyperdrive, and is preparing for a mission to Atlantis.


  • There are two of us. [Replicator Carter]
    If only. [O'Neill]
  • They'll be there in 30 minutes, or it's free. [O'Neill]


  • O'Neill calls Teal'c "T": 1
  • Injuries:
    • Carter: mind link with Replicator Carter
  • Popular Culture References:
    • Domino's Pizza
      • They'll be there in 30 minutes, or it's free.