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Replicator Carter

Replicator Carter was a human-form Replicator created in the image of Samantha Carter by Fifth, the human-form Replicator who struggled with his conflicted feelings of love for Carter and his desire for revenge because of her betrayal. Her mind was modeled after Carter's, granting her the same knowledge, feelings, thought patterns, and memories as her human counterpart.

SG-1 first encountered Replicator Carter when she contacted the SGC from a planet on the outer edge of the galaxy and claimed that she had come in advance of Fifth and the others, and that she wished to be destroyed by the disruptor weapon which the SGC possessed. Fifth had sent Replicator Carter ahead in order to determine a means of disabling the disruptor technology, but Replicator Carter instead warned that Fifth had already made adjustments to himself and the others which had rendered them immune to the disruptor.

Carter obtained permission to meet her Replicator double at the Alpha Site in order to obtain valuable intelligence from her before destroying her, and the two Carters cooperated to find a cipher that would modify the effects of the disruptor. However, Replicator Carter's true intentions were to achieve galactic domination, and after gaining the trust of both Fifth and Carter, she betrayed them both. As Fifth and the Replicators approached the Alpha Site, Replicator Carter isolated the cipher which would make herself immune to the disruptor, and she fired the weapon at Fifth's ship, destroying the creator she viewed as weak and unworthy.

Now immune to both the disruptor and conventional weapons, Replicator Carter shared the cipher with her brethren and escaped through the stargate to lead the Replicators in a full-scale war against the Goa'uld. She confronted Yu personally and killed him and his court using a bladed weapon she created from her own arm, and she led the Replicators in systematically eliminating and absorbing the forces of the System Lords. In her pursuit of advanced knowledge and technology, she captured Daniel by beaming him aboard her ship, and she reached inside his mind to access the knowledge of the Ancients that had been buried deep in his subconscious since his time as an ascended being.

As Replicator Carter continued to probe Daniel's mind, processing and sharing the secrets of the universe and the overwhelming and seemingly infinite knowledge of the Ancients with her brethren, she controlled the army of Replicators with her mind, sending them to invade Earth through the stargate and launching a fleet to conquer the forces of Ba'al and the Rebel Jaffa at Dakara, the location of an Ancient monument which held the one weapon in all the galaxy capable of destroying her. However, while she was inside Daniel's mind, he learned how reach inside hers, and using the Ancient knowledge and the thoughts he accessed there, Daniel began to control the vast armies of Replicators with his own mind. For only a few moments, every Replicator in the galaxy was held suspended by the power of Daniel's mind, until Replicator Carter released him and used her bladed weapon to stab him in the heart, killing him and releasing his grip on the others. However, those few moments granted Carter and Jacob the time they needed to modify and activate the Ancient weapon on Dakara. As the energy wave from the weapon translated simultaneously through every stargate in the galaxy, Replicator Carter and her vast army were instantly and completely disintegrated into harmless inert blocks. The Replicator threat was eliminated.

Portrayed by: Amanda Tapping

Cross Reference: Samantha Carter, Dakara, Dakara Weapon, Disruptor, Fifth, Daniel Jackson, Oshu, Replicators, Selkhet, System Lords, Yu

Episode Reference: New Order, Gemini, Reckoning