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Oshu was the First Prime of Lord Yu. As Yu's mental competence began to fail, Oshu recognized that his master was not well, and he came to accept that Yu was not a god, but he remained loyal and did his best to keep Lord Yu's condition secret. On Yu's orders, he deflected the fleet of the System Lords away from the ambush of Anubis at Vis Uban, however he also cooperated with Teal'c in offering Ba'al command of the combined opposition forces in Yu's place. He accompanied Yu when the delegation of System Lords sought an alliance with Earth against Ba'al, and he spoke for his master as the signs of Yu's senility became more acute. Although the negotiations failed, he convinced Dr. Weir that the System Lords were of more value fighting Ba'al than as prisoners of Earth, and the delegation was permitted to leave. He was also in attendance when Ba'al sent an emissary to demand Lord Yu's surrender, however the meeting was interrupted by the arrival of Replicator Carter, who used a bladed weapon to assassinate Lord Yu and all those present.

Portrayed by: Kevan Ohtsji

Cross Reference: Jaffa, Replicator Carter, Yu

Episode Reference: Fallen, Homecoming, New Order, Reckoning