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As O'Neill remained in stasis following his acquisition of knowledge from the Ancient repository on P3X-439, his mind accessed the Ancient knowledge and interfaced with the computer system aboard Thor's ship to create a virtual device that Thor was able to synthesize. The device, which came to be called a disruptor, fires a bluish energy wave that instantaneously and permanently severs the kiron pathways that link individual Replicator cells, rendering each one inert. The disruptor is equally effective against Replicators in any form, including human-form Replicators, shattering them into individual cells.

The hand-held prototype device fits over the arm for firing, however Thor successfully used the technology to modify a larger version of the device to broadcast a disruption wave over all of the planet Orilla, saving it from invasion by the Replicators. The Asgard further refined the design by developing a system of disruptor satellites that can deploy a beam in space and stop a ship or prevent a large-scale attack.

When the Replicator duplicate of Carter arrived in the Milky Way galaxy, she warned of Fifth's approach, and Thor sent an Asgard disruptor satellite through the stargate to the Alpha Site to be deployed in a geosynchronous orbit above the base at an altitude of 33,785 kilometers, 0 inclination. Teal'c used an F-302 to place the device in orbit, and Replicator Carter cooperated with Colonel Carter on the pretext of finding a remodulation program that would make the device effective against Fifth's ship. However, Replicator Carter's true intentions were to find a cipher that would make herself immune to the device, and to use the disruptor to eliminate Fifth herself. Replicator Carter fired the unmodified disruptor, annihilating Fifth and his ship, then she shared the cipher with her brethren, and escaped. What had been a promising new weapon was no longer effective against the modified Replicators.

Thor and Carter cooperated in an attempt to overcome the immunity by reactivating cells left behind by Replicator Carter so that the resulting connection to the Replicators' subspace communications could be monitored for the specific cipher. The risky strategy was successful, the cipher was isolated, and the disruptor was modified, but it was successfully fired only once before the Replicators adapted themselves and were once again immune. However, when it was determined that the Ancient device on Dakara used a similar technology to reduce all matter to its basic molecular elements, Carter and Jacob were able to match the frequency spectrum output of the Dakara device to the disruptor technology to within a margin of .76%, making the device effective against the Replicators. The device on Dakara was activated, using the stargate network to translate the energy through every stargate in the galaxy simultaneously, and the Replicators were instantly destroyed.

Cross Reference: Ancients, Asgard, Dakara Weapon, Eighth, Fifth, Orilla, Replicators, Replicator Carter, Thor, Weapons

Episode Reference: New Order, Gemini, Reckoning