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Eighth was a human-form Replicator that had been discovered floating in space following the destruction of the Replicator ship near Orilla. Sensor readings indicated that he was inactive, and Thor beamed him aboard his ship, hoping to tap into the subspace Replicator link in order to learn the location of other Replicators on the planet. The link revealed that Carter was alive and a prisoner of the Replicators on Orilla, however it also caused Eighth to be reactivated. Immune to weapons fire and resistant to the transport beam, he could not be contained until O'Neill fired the newly created disruptor device. Eighth shattered into individual blocks, and SG-1 realized the true purpose of the new disruptor weapon.

Portrayed by: James Bamford*
*Cameo by James Bamford: Stunt Coordinator

Cross Reference: Disruptor, Fifth, Replicators

Episode Reference: New Order