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Dakara Weapon

A device hidden within the temple on Dakara had been built by the Ancients and used to recreate life in the Milky Way Galaxy after a plague had wiped out their race. In order to create life, the device uses an energy wave, similar to the technology of a disruptor, which first reduces all matter to its basic molecular elements. Although it is not strong enough to disintegrate an entire planet, the energy will wash away every living thing on a planet's surface and in the surrounding space. Anubis intended to use the device as a weapon to destroy all life and to repopulate the galaxy to his own specifications. As an ascended being with no real corporeal form, only he would survive such pervasive devastation.

Following the capture of Dakara by the Rebel Jaffa, SG-1 sought the Ancient device. The writings on the temple walls translated as, "Midday the darkness is high in the sky," "The wind blows on the pillow," and "Three days to the chicken," until a series of five circles was rotated in sequence like a combination lock, changing the translation to "Midday the sun is high in the sky," and opening the wall to reveal an Ancient control console hidden in a secret chamber deep within the mountain. SG-1 intended to destroy the device before Anubis could claim it, however they discovered that due to its similarity to the disruptor technology, the device held the key to eliminating the Replicators. By varying the position of the panels on the control console, and by using a laptop to compare the frequency spectrums of the energy waves from the device and from the disruptor in order to match the two outputs to within a margin of .76%, Carter and Jacob were able to modify the device to be effective only against the Replicators. When the weapon was activated, the ground shook and the top of the mountain opened up as the weapon rose from within the mountain's core and released a wave of energy that spread out in all directions. With Ba'al's assistance to reconfigure the dialing protocol of the planet's DHD, the energy wave translated through every stargate in the galaxy simultaneously, instantly disintegrating all the Replicators in the galaxy into individual harmless blocks.

When the Rebel Jaffa chose Dakara as their new homeworld, they laid claim to the Ancient device, however their forces soon fell to Anubis who reclaimed the temple and prepared to activate the weapon. It was the intervention of Oma Desala that spared the galaxy. Anubis vanished, locked in eternal battle with Oma, and his forces were easily defeated. The Rebel Jaffa reclaimed the temple on Dakara and vowed to destroy the weapon and replace it with a new memorial in honor of their triumph over the Goa'uld.

Despite their promise to destroy Dakara's weapon, however, the Jaffa High Council made the decision to leave the device intact, disregarding any fears of the misuse of so powerful a weapon. As Ba'al began to rebuild his power base following the defeat of the Goa'uld, he too sought to gain access to the device. His plan had been to wipe out all life in the galaxy except in his own newly rebuilt domain, assuming that the Ori would lose interest in an unpopulated galaxy and leave him to rule unchallenged, however his scheme to control the Jaffa High Council through brainwashing failed.

Se'tak, the new leader of the Council, believed that the weapon was the only hope for survival against the armies of the Ori, and despite the objections of Bra'tac and the SGC, he ordered that the energy wave be directed through the stargate to unmake all living things on the planets that had fallen to Origin. On each targeted world, the energy wave emanated from the stargate and spread across the planet's surface, instantly causing all living tissue to vanish and leaving behind only inanimate matter such as buildings, clothing, or weapons before dissipating with no trace of biological or chemical agents or residual radiation. The weapon, however, had no effect on Adria, who was protected by the pendant of Celestis, and when she learned the origin of the weapon that was eliminating her army and her followers, she piloted an Ori warship to Dakara. From within the shielded chamber that housed the device's control panel, Se'tak ordered the weapon to be fired into orbit, releasing a wave that would encompass Dakara and beyond, wiping out all life forms on any ships in planetary orbit. Once again, however, Adria was spared, and in retaliation she fired the warship's weapons at the city. The Jaffa homeworld was left in utter devastation, and the weapon of Dakara was destroyed.

Cross Reference: Adria, Ancients, Ancient Control Console, Anubis, Ba'al, Jacob Carter, Dakara, Disruptor, Jaffa High Council, Jaffa Nation, Rebel Jaffa, Replicators, Replicator Carter, Se'tak

Episode Reference: Reckoning, Threads, Counterstrike