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When Vala was sent to the village of Ver Isca in the Ori galaxy, she discovered that she was carrying a child, despite not having had physical relations with Tomin, the man who would become her husband. The child, she was told by the Prior, was "the will of the Ori," and aboard an Ori warship as it entered the Milky Way Galaxy with the armada that led the holy crusade, Vala gave birth to a baby girl. The infant was declared to be the Orici, the beacon of light in the darkness to the warriors of the Ori and the one who would lead the armies to glorious victory over all unbelievers.

The child had been genetically altered to age at a rapid rate, and within hours of her birth, the infant appeared to be four years old. Hours later, she had aged to seven years, then twelve, and would, at this rate, become a fully grown figurehead in barely more than a day. The child also had the knowledge of the Ori woven into her genetic makeup, making her the closest to the Ori that she could be in the form of flesh and blood. As her mind grew, so did her knowledge. Her eyes often glowed red, especially when manifesting her powers, and she developed extraordinary abilities including telekinesis and the ability to heal.

The young Orici did not have a name, and at Vala's suggestion she took the name Adria. Vala claimed that it was her mother's name, one she had hoped to pass on to a daughter, but it was, in fact, the name of Vala's stepmother, whom she described as "a witch of a woman." Despite the unusual circumstances of her birth, Adria felt a genuine bond with Vala, to whom she always referred as "Mother." She recognized that Vala was an unbeliever, but she exhibited endless patience in her attempts to guide Vala to the path of enlightenment, never giving up hope that she would one day take her rightful place as the revered mother of the Orici. Vala and Daniel had hoped instead to capture Adria and use the bond with her mother to turn her away from the Ori, but their plan failed when Vala was wounded and Adria, while distracted, was vulnerable to an Ori stun weapon. Vala and Daniel escaped, leaving her behind, but SG-1 encountered Adria again barely days later, now a young woman of extraordinary powers and the leader of the Ori warriors.

The Jaffa had unleashed the Ancient weapon of Dakara in an attempt to obliterate the populations that had fallen to the Ori. On one such world, Adria had survived the lethal effects of the weapon because of the necklace she wore, a pendant which held a piece of the holy city of Celestis and kept her safe. Adria also exhibited powerful telekinetic abilities, single-handedly levitating, choking, deflecting, or killing squads of Jaffa through only the power of her mind. Upon learning of the source of the weapon, she activated and piloted an Ori warship, also using the power of her mind without the need of interfacing with the command chair, and she directed the ship to Dakara. In retaliation against the Jaffa, Adria was responsible for the destruction of Dakara.

As SG-1 sought the location of the Sangreal, Merlin's weapon to destroy ascended beings, Adria also sought the device. Across the vast distance of space, she used her unique link with her mother to plant a dream in Vala's mind. The dream of "three into one" was the key to deciphering the address of the planet where the Sangreal was said to be hidden. Knowing of the safeguards that Morgan Le Fay had put into place, Adria required the cooperation of Daniel to find it, and so she drew SG-1 to her and took on the guise of Osric, the village archivist, to join their quest. SG-1 recognized her deception, however, and using shape-shifting abilities, she returned to her own form. While on the planet, her Ori-given powers were neutralized, and she only had access to the defensive powers and the personal force field that originated from her pendant. The obelisk on the planet prevented her from transporting with the team to encounter Merlin, but her extensive knowledge of gate technology allowed her to determine the last address dialed and to pursue the team through the circuit of planets. There, her powers were restored, her bluish personal shield protected her from P-90 gunfire, and the orange stream of energy directed from her hand gave her the advantage. She captured Merlin's weapon and took Daniel prisoner.

Adria's attempt to convert Daniel did not succeed, but he allowed her to believe that he was turning to the Ori, and through the power of Adria's necklace pendant Daniel was transformed into a Prior. Adria needed Daniel's cooperation to complete Merlin's weapon and use it against the Ancients, but Daniel gained the cooperation of SG-1 in a scheme that used the anti-prior device to neutralize Adria's power, allowing them to complete the weapon and send both the weapon and Adria on an Ori warship through the supergate to the Ori galaxy.

Because she was human and not an ascended being, Adria was not affected by Merlin's weapon, and she returned to the Milky Way Galaxy. Although Adria could not read minds, she could sense the truth in one's mind, and SG-1 concocted a plan to implant false memories in Vala's mind in order to lure Adria and capture her. The plan was thwarted by Ba'al, however, who captured Adria instead and implanted his own symbiote in her host body in order to acquire the powers of both the Goa'uld and the Ori in an attempt to control the galaxy. SG-1 recaptured Adria, and by removing her pendant and using the anti-prior device to suppress her powers, they attempted to remove Ba'al's symbiote surgically in order to replace him with a more cooperative Tok'ra symbiote. The surgery failed, however, when Ba'al's symbiote released a deadly toxin into Adria's nervous system as it was extracted. No longer restrained by the anti-prior device, Adria regained consciousness, but she was too weak to heal herself, and, recognizing that her body was dying, she prepared for the only alternative left to her. With the last of her energy, Adria drew upon her Ori powers and ascended.

Portrayed by: Emma Rose* (age 4), Jodelle Ferland (age 7), Brenna O'Brien (age 12), Morena Baccarin (adult)
*Cameo by Emma Rose (Cooper): Daughter of Executive Producer Robert C. Cooper

Cross Reference: Anti-Prior Device, Ascension, Ba'al, Dakara, Dakara Weapon, Vala Mal Doran, Merlin's Weapon, Ori, Ori Warriors, Orici, Origin, Osric, Sangreal, Sangreal Planet

Episode Reference: Flesh and Blood, Counterstrike, The Quest, The Shroud, Dominion