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The goal of the Ori is to conquer the Milky Way Galaxy and to destroy the Ancients. Because the Ancients refuse to permit ascended beings to interfere in the affairs of those on the lower planes, the Ori knew that they, as ascended beings, couldn't encroach on our galaxy themselves without getting into a confrontation with the Ancients. They needed time to convert new followers and to increase their power before confronting the Ancients directly, and so they devised a scheme of sneaking one of their own into the galaxy. They created the Orici, their own human representative with the knowledge of the Ori, to lead their armies to victory.

While in the Ori galaxy, Vala had discovered that she was carrying a child despite not having had physical relations with Tomin, the man who would become her husband. The child was "the will of the Ori," and aboard an Ori starcraft as it entered the Milky Way Galaxy, Vala gave birth to an infant daughter. At her birth, the Prior quoted, "Calium videre eessit, et eraos ad sidera tollere vultus. She belongs to all who follow the path. Ex uno disce omnes. From one, all will learn. She is Orici. Such is her purpose. In this vast expanse that is sheltered by evil and led astray, she will be the beacon of light in the darkness to the warriors of the Ori and to all who follow the true path to salvation. With the wisdom of the ages, she will lead us to glorious victory over any and all unbelievers."

The child had been genetically altered to mature at a rapid rate, and within hours she aged from infancy to four, seven, and twelve years old, reaching adulthood within barely more than a day. She also had the knowledge of the Ori woven into her genetic makeup, making her the closest to the Ori that she could be in the form of flesh and blood. As her mind grew, so did her knowledge, and she quickly acquired extraordinary powers, including telekinesis and the ability to heal. The Orici is also a truth seer, for although she could not read minds, she could sense the truth in one's thoughts. With the knowledge of ascended beings, she was complicit with the Ori, unlike the Priors who are merely pawns. Because "Orici" is a title, the child had no name of her own, but she felt a connection with Vala, whom she considered to be her mother, and she took the name Adria for herself at Vala's suggestion. As she led the Ori warriors to victory, conquering one planet after another, Adria encountered SG-1 on several occasions until she was forced to prepare herself for death, and she ascended.

Portrayed by: Emma Rose* (age 4), Jodelle Ferland (age 7), Brenna O'Brien (age 12), Morena Baccarin (adult)
*Cameo by Emma Rose (Cooper): Daughter of Executive Producer Robert C. Cooper

Cross Reference: Adria, Vala Mal Doran, Ori, Origin

Episode Reference: Flesh and Blood, Counterstrike, The Quest, The Shroud, Dominion