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Since the initiation of the SGC, O'Neill and Carter routinely carried MP-5 9mm submachine guns, Teal'c has regularly carried his staff weapon, and all members of SG-1 have been armed with a Beretta M9 9mm pistol. Since the mission to P3X-888, the MP-5 weapons have usually been replaced by the P-90, a 5.7mm submachine gun which carries a 50-round top-loading magazine of Teflon-coated ordinance with a cyclical rate of fire of 900 armor-piercing rounds per minute, accurate up to 350 yards, and which has proven to be far more effective against the Unas or Jaffa armor. For a time during the seventh year of the Stargate Program, Carter replaced her P-90 with a modified weapon similar to the M4/M16 in design, which came to be known as the "Carter Special."

In certain situations, for example in combat against the Replicators, the USAS-12 12-gauge automatic shotgun, the SPAS-12 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun, and a SAW belt-fed machinegun have also been used. Explosives such as grenades, claymores, and C4 are also typically carried off-world, and guided missiles fired through the stargate have been used to support off-world ground troops.

As alien technology has been acquired, a few new weapons have been added to the arsenal. By the second year, zat guns were regularly issued to all SG team members during missions, and Carter and Teal'c now carry the zat as their preferred sidearm. In'tars have been used in training scenarios and on some missions when deadly force is not called for. Jonas carried an in'tar pistol until he had been properly trained for the P-90. On occasion, Teal'c has used the shoulder-mounted wing cannon, cannibalized from a downed Goa'uld death glider on P7S-441, and the SGC also has access to a number of TERs, especially effective against invisibility shields. The energy weapon, based on the technology of the reanimation device, can be fitted onto a variety of standard firearms, including a P-90 and a TER, and has been effective against the Kull Warriors. The development of the disruptor provided the SGC with a means of fighting the Replicators, however the Replicators learned to adapt to the technology, and the disruptor was not mass produced.

Cross Reference: Disruptor, Energy Weapon, In'tar, Missiles, SG Vest, Staff Weapon, TER, Tranquilizer, Wing Cannon, Zat'nik'tel

First Introduced: Children of the Gods

Significant Episode Reference: Within the Serpent's Grasp, Rules of Engagement, Nemesis, Small Victories, The First Ones, The Fifth Man, The Warrior, Menace, Shadow Play, Avenger 2.0, Evolution, Death Knell, New Order, Avatar, Reckoning