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Energy Weapon

Carter and Jacob were able to analyze the reanimation device of the Ancients which was recovered from Telchak's temple in Honduras to develop a weapon against Anubis's Kull Warriors. The energy weapon, also referred to as a "drone weapon," was designed to counteract the reanimation technology of the device, which is similar to the technology Anubis used to bring the Kull Warriors to life. Because the weapon targets animation technology, the Warrior's armor provides no protection, and the weapon has no effect against humans. The original prototype weapon was developed at the Alpha Site and was 70% effective in counteracting the reanimation technology, but Carter was able to recalibrate an upgraded power unit which improved its effectiveness. Anubis sent Kull Warriors to destroy the Alpha Site and the weapon, but Carter escaped the destruction, and the upgraded weapon proved effective in neutralizing the Warriors.

The weapon is a small power unit that displays a blue flashing light when activated and is designed to clip onto a variety of standard firearms including a P-90 and a TER. With the clip installed, a firearm is capable of firing both as a standard weapon, and as an energy weapon which fires a bluish flash of energy that will kill a Kull Warrior in one or two shots. Firearms equipped with the installed energy weapon are routinely used during missions when an encounter with Kull Warriors is likely. The prototype energy weapon, with various modifications, was also included in the simulated training scenarios programmed into the virtual reality chair that was tested by Teal'c.

Cross Reference: Jacob Carter, Kull Warrior, Reanimation Device, Virtual Reality Chair, Weapons

Episode Reference: Death Knell, Lost City, Avatar, Prometheus Unbound