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Kull Warrior

The Kull Warrior, sometimes referred to as a drone warrior or supersoldier, was created by Anubis to be a new form of foot soldier. The creature is a Goa'uld, without genetic memory, which has been implanted into a synthetically created host body, fused into an impenetrable armor.

From a secret facility on Tartarus, Anubis used what he had learned of Egeria to breed a Goa'uld queen who deliberately did not pass on her genetic memory, thus producing thousands of symbiotes with below normal brain wave patterns and no free will, who could be easily imprinted for absolute loyalty. The host is organic, but was created in a lab and given life only after it had grown to a mature state. A device similar to Telchak's reanimation device, upon which sarcophagus technology is based, was used to bring the synthetic host to life, and it left a unique residual energy signature in the creature's cells. Because the host is genetically engineered for strength rather than longevity, its heart and lungs are abnormally large and out of proportion. While it is left to the symbiote to sustain its life, a Warrior can die from pulmonary failure within weeks.

The Kull Warrior is fused into an impregnable armor which uses an entirely new advanced energy absorption technology that makes it impervious to energy based weapons including a staff weapon or a zat gun. The armor is made of a close-knit fiber similar to Kevlar which also resists the strongest armor-piercing weapons, however a small sharp object such as a trinium dart, or a large missile at close range with sufficient kinetic energy, can be effective.

Although capable of speech, the warriors are essentially blank slates, but have the strength and healing powers of a normal Goa'uld. They are armed with energy weapons at the wrists of their armor which fire repeated blasts similar to those of a staff weapon. In battle, Kull Warriors are far superior to Jaffa, and they make the perfect foot soldier: deadly, fearless, and unquestioningly loyal.

SG-1 first encountered a Kull Warrior at the site of a summit between Ramius and Tilgath. Only Ramius had escaped when a single Warrior wiped out everyone at the summit. SG-1 attempted to capture the Warrior when he pursued Ramius to his home planet, however the Warrior was completely resistant to the force field, trinium tranquilizer darts, staff weapons, machinegun fire, C4, and claymores. By using the ring transporter to bring the Warrior aboard a cargo ship, and voiding the life support in the cargo hold, SG-1 was able to capture a live specimen for questioning with a memory recall device. Interrogation of the Warrior led SG-1 to Tartarus where they were able to destroy the Goa'uld queen used to spawn the drone symbiotes, only to discover that Anubis had already created an army of Kull Warriors in the thousands.

At the Alpha Site, Carter and Jacob used the technology of Telchak's reanimation device to develop a weapon that would be effective against the Warriors. The prototype energy weapon is designed to counteract the reanimation technology that gives the host life. Anubis launched an attack against the Alpha Site, intending to pursue and eliminate the threat to his army, but his invading forces were defeated, and the weapon has since been modified with an upgraded power source and frequency modulator chip that have proven effective in neutralizing Kull Warriors on a small scale.

Meanwhile, Anubis's army of Kull Warriors began systematically eliminating the forces of the System Lords, and the Warriors were part of the invasion force during the attack on Earth and the battle over Antarctica in which Anubis's fleet was destroyed. Following the defeat of Anubis, Ba'al discovered the location of Tartarus and found a way to reprogram the Warriors to serve him. In battle, the Jaffa are no match for the Kull Warriors, and with the army of Kull Warriors at Ba'al's command, the balance of power tipped dramatically in his favor. However, although Anubis had been defeated, he had not been destroyed, and he returned to take command of the army of Kull Warriors, with Ba'al in his service.

Many of the Kull Warriors were killed in battle with the Replicators and the Rebel Jaffa, and when Anubis vanished, locked in eternal struggle with Oma Desala, the Kull Warriors no longer had a master to serve. They became disorganized and confused, and were easily defeated by the Rebel Jaffa at Dakara.

Portrayed by: Dan Payne

Cross Reference: Anubis, Ba'al, Energy Weapon, Goa'uld, Ramius, Reanimation Device, Tartarus, Thoth, Tilgath, Virtual Reality Chair, Zatarc Detector

Episode Reference: Evolution, Death Knell, Lost City, Avatar, Prometheus Unbound, Reckoning