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03.22 Episode 66 (#6543)
Airdate: March 10, 2000

O'Neill is unexpectedly transported aboard Thor's ship where he finds Thor weak and dying, and the ship overrun by menacing metallic bugs called Replicators. The Replicators, enemy of the Asgard, are now a threat to Earth, and O'Neill must destroy the ship to prevent their spread. Against orders, Carter and Teal'c transport aboard, and together they wire the ship with explosives. With no means of escape, the team transports the stargate itself aboard in the last desperate seconds before the ship breaks apart in reentry and crashes into the Pacific. But at least one of the Replicators has survived.

Written by: Robert C. Cooper
Directed by: Martin Wood

Guest Starring: Colin Cunningham as Major Davis, Gary Jones as Technician, Guyle Lee-Fraizer as Technician #2

Reference: Asgard, Asgard Mothership, Asgard Stones, Asgard Transport Beam, Beta Stargate, Biliskner, Paul Davis, DEFCON, Holographic Projection, Manual Dial, Naquadah Generator, NORAD, Replicators, Stasis, Thor, Weapons, Major Wood


Destinations & Inhabitants


Destinations & Inhabitants


Destinations & Inhabitants



  • The Replicators, the enemy of the Asgard more dangerous than the Goa'uld, were discovered on an isolated planet. Their creators were apparently dead, and they were brought aboard an Asgard ship for study. They infested the ship, fed off the metals, ingesting the alloys and replicating, using numbers to attack and become a plague on the galaxy. They have an extremely high ability for learning, and are capable of functioning both independently and as a group with a single purpose.
  • The Biliskner, Thor's Asgard ship, is powered by four neutrino ion generators. It uses a molecular transportation device which was disabled in one direction to prevent escape, and was destroyed by entering Earth's atmosphere.
  • The ship crashed into the Pacific Ocean about 400 miles off the coast of California, and Naval recovery teams were sent in to search for the wreckage.
  • The team gated to P3X-234. Hammond ordered the beta gate to be unpacked from storage to allow their return.


  • Did you get your hair cut? [Daniel]
    Yeah. Why? [O'Neill]
    No reason. [Daniel]
  • Land of sky blue waters... loofas... "ya sure you betcha snookums"... mosquitoes... home of the loon... [O'Neill]
  • I'll try to define "reasonable" to the Pentagon. [Major Davis]
  • One small step for Jaffa... [Teal'c]


  • Injuries:
    • Daniel: recovering from appendicitis
    • Teal'c: nearly suffocated in space
  • Popular Culture References:
    • Apollo Moon Landing
      • One small step for Jaffa.