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Asgard Stones

Much of Asgard technology is based on smooth rounded devices which have been referred to as "stones" or "jewels." Often they are inscribed with Asgard runic symbols, and appear to glow when functioning. Such stones, moved in specific positions on a control panel, have been used to control almost any function of an Asgard mothership, including communications, holographic projection, navigation, transport beams, and information retrieval. Asgard stones in conjunction with a control panel also operate the holographic projection in the Hall of Wisdom on K'tau. Similar stones have been used as voice activated communication devices, or touch activated devices to engage the stargate without the formation of the typical vortex.

With the addition of Asgard technology to the Odyssey, Asgard control panels became a part of the ship's functions. Kvasir used the control panels and stones aboard Odyssey to control functions such as the hyperdrive and transport beams, and other members of the crew mastered the use of the stones as well. Carter has used the Asgard control panels to access the ship's new computer core and to control almost all of the ship's major functions including hyperdrive, transportation, weapons and shields, environmental control, communications, the time dilation technology, and the matter converter. From a separate control panel in a holo room aboard the ship, Daniel was able to use the stones to access the entire Asgard knowledge database, which was represented holographically.

Cross Reference: Asgard, Asgard Mothership, Asgard Transport Beam, Biliskner, Hall of Wisdom, Holographic Projection, Odyssey

Episode Reference: Fair Game, Nemesis, Small Victories, Red Sky, Revelations, Fragile Balance, New Order, Reckoning, Camelot, Unending