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Naquadah Generator

The naquadah generator is a small but powerful energy source, the technology and plans for which were acquired through a cultural exchange with the planet Orban. Through Carter's modifications, the original naquadah reactor from Orban has become an invaluable power source which is routinely used by the SGC both on Earth and off-world.

Because of its compact size, the generator is ideal as an efficient and portable energy source, and it is easily adapted to interface with alien technology. It is often taken on missions to planets on which a DHD is not readily accessible so that the stargate can be dialed manually if necessary. The naquadah generator has been used to recharge, replace, or enhance the power systems of the Prometheus and the Odyssey as well as alien ships such as the Seberus or the Stromos, and a modified naquadah generator was used to replace the missing power core of the alien weapon discovered on Velona. Carter was able to counteract the cloaking technology of the Ashrak by using a naquadah generator to create a high frequency electromagnetic field in order to excite phase particles enough to bring them into the visible light spectrum. When Carter conducted experiments to modify Merlin's phase-shift device, she used as many as three naquadah generators to replace the Ancient power source that had been depleted. Naquadah generators are also regularly used to power off-world bases such as the planned Enkaran city or the Alpha Site.

If the generator is wired to create a feedback loop, it will build up energy rather than releasing it, creating a powerful bomb. This technique was first used by SG-1 to create a weapon against the Gadmeer ship on P5S-381. The naquadah generators powering the Alpha Site were set to overload by the Ashrak in an attempt at sabotage, and by Carter in an attempt to prevent the escape of Replicator Carter, but in both cases the overload was averted. A naquadah generator overload was also part of the training scenario designed by the virtual reality chair. Naquadah generator technology has been traded to Russia in exchange for borrowing the Russian DHD.

Cross Reference: Alpha Site, Ion Propulsion Engine, Manual Dial, Merlin's Phase-Shift Device, Naquadah, Orbanians, Seberus, Stromos

Episode Reference: Learning Curve, New Ground, Nemesis, Scorched Earth, Ascension, 48 Hours, The Other Guys, Allegiance, Forsaken, Lifeboat, Space Race, Lost City, Avatar, Gemini, Ethon, Line in the Sand, The Road Not Taken