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The Orbanians may be descendants of the pre-Aztec civilization of Teotihuacan. They participated in a cultural exchange with Earth in which Daniel studied the archaeological origins of the planet, Teal'c shared information about the Goa'uld, and Carter obtained the technology to build Earth's first naquadah reactor. The Orbanians use a system of nanites, created on Orban 49 years ago, as a means of acquiring knowledge. Special urrone children such as Merrin and Tomin learn through nano-technology and pass on their knowledge at age 12 through the averium, a ceremony in which an urrone's nanites are removed. Education without nanites was unknown to the Orbanians until Merrin's averium passed on her experiences of Earth's schools to her people.

Cross Reference: Averium, Kalan, Merrin, Nanites, Nano-Technology, Naquadah Generator, Orban, Solen, Tomin, Urrone

Episode Reference: Learning Curve