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The Seberus, a Hebridan spaceship, had been used as a prison transport vessel. The Hebridan probably are descendants of the ancient Celts, and the Seberus may have derived its name from the Ceberus, a sailing ship built in Dublin in 1668 specifically to transport convicts to a penal colony. Under the command of Captain Warrick Finn and his crew of seven, the Seberus was transporting prisoners Aden Corso, Lyle Pender, and Tanis Reynard to an outlying prison colony when it encountered an asteroid storm and crashed on P2X-005. The prisoners were removed from stasis, and they overpowered the guards, hunting the crew like animals. The ship is far more advanced than anything on Earth, with engines that use liquid nitrogen to fuel an ion propulsion system. However, Carter was able to affect repairs, and Warrick and the recaptured prisoners continued on their journey.

Upon his return to Hebridan, Warrick had the Seberus rebuilt and repaired, and he entered the 59th Loop of Kon Garat, a space race with a lucrative business contract as the prize. Despite Del Tynan's deliberate sabotage of the power diverter, which caused the ship to lose power to the radiation shields, Warrick and Carter, as his co-pilot, were able to make repairs and reenter the race, placing third at the finish.

Cross Reference: Aden Corso, Eamon Finn, Warrick Finn, Hebridan, Hebridans, Ion Propulsion Engine, Golon Jarlath, Loop of Kon Garat, La'el Montrose, Muirios, Naquadah Generator, P2X-005, Lyle Pender, Tanis Reynard, Serrakin, Stasis, Del Tynan

Episode Reference: Forsaken, Space Race