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Eamon Finn

Eamon Finn, the younger brother of Warrick Finn, is a Serrakin from the planet Hebridan. He is employed by Tech Con Group, designing garbage disposal units for their food service division, and he helped to prepare his brother's ship, the Seberus, for the space race known as the Loop of Kon Garat. Although at first reluctant to accept Carter as Warrick's co-pilot, Eamon provided communication support from the planet during the race, and with help from Teal'c, posing as Eamon's cousin Murray, he investigated the sabotage of several ships in the race and turned up evidence against his boss, Del Tynan.

Portrayed by: Patrick Currie

Cross Reference: Warrick Finn, Miles Hagan, Hebridan, Hebridans, Loop of Kon Garat, Murray, Seberus, Serrakin, Tech Con Group, Del Tynan

Episode Reference: Space Race