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Del Tynan

Del Tynan was an employee at Tech Con Group, the largest corporation on Hebridan, and was Eamon Finn's supervisor. He had been repeatedly passed over for promotion and had been under investigation for corruption for over a year, but he blamed his situation on racism. He believed that the Serrakin were not to be trusted and were seizing control of Hebridan by taking power and opportunity away from pure-blood humans, polluting the human race by cross-breeding, and weakening it by design. He insisted that the Serrakin held all the highest positions and treated humans as second class citizens, and he believed that his boss, Miles Hagan, the president of Tech Con Group, was one of the primary architects of human oppression on Hebridan. In the interest of promoting racial purity, Tynan sabotaged all the ships in the Loop of Kon Garat space race except for Muirios's ship, which was outfitted with boosters from Tech Con's Prototype Division, in order to ensure that the winner of the race would be a pure-blooded human. He also captured Eamon Finn and Teal'c and threatened to kill them unless Warrick dropped out of the race. When Miles Hagan was alerted to the situation by SG-1, he rescued Teal'c and Eamon, and had Del Tynan arrested.

Portrayed by: Allan Lysell

Cross Reference: Eamon Finn, Warrick Finn, Miles Hagan, Hebridan, Hebridans, Loop of Kon Garat, Muirios, Seberus, Serrakin, Tech Con Group

Episode Reference: Space Race