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When Teal'c appears in public on Earth, he takes advantage of an impressive collection of hats to disguise his forehead tattoo. During the investigation of Martin Lloyd and the production of "Wormhole X-treme!", for which O'Neill went undercover as the Air Force Technical Advisor, O'Neill introduced Teal'c as Murray, his associate on the mission who had a particular fondness for the vibrating beds in the Billings, Montana motel rooms. On Hebridan, Teal'c cooperated with Eamon Finn in investigating the sabotage of several ships in the Loop on Kon Garat, and he gained access to the offices of Tech Con Group by once again posing as Murray, Eamon's cousin, twice removed.

Portrayed by: Christopher Judge

Cross Reference: Eamon Finn, Martin Lloyd, Teal'c

Episode Reference: Point of No Return, Wormhole X-treme!, Space Race