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Martin Lloyd

Martin Lloyd is one of a group of five aliens who had been living on Earth. His homeworld was under attack by the Goa'uld, and he and his comrades were sent to find allies. When they realized they were losing the war, they became deserters, abandoned their ship in an escape pod, and came to Earth, where they had been living incognito in Montana.

Dr. Peter Tanner, one of Martin's comrades hoping to keep him silent for fear of exposure, acted as his psychiatrist, prescribing a number of medications including Doxepin, Haloperidol, Perphenazine, Lithium, and Valium. His medication caused some memory loss, and so Martin appeared at first to SG-1 as a science fiction fanatic and conspiracy theorist, claiming knowledge of the Roswell and Kennedy cover-ups, CIA-sanctioned microwave harassment, lizard people, and the stargate. He arranged a rendezvous with O'Neill at the New Clover Leaf Restaurant in Billings, Montana, seeking SG-1's help to elude his associates and return to his world through the stargate. Eventually he returned with SG-1 to find his home planet now devastated and deserted.

After learning of the destruction of his homeworld, Martin returned to Earth, where the Air Force got him a job in real estate. Unhappy with his prospects, he voluntarily returned to the medication he had taken previously, and moved from his home at 10185 Mitchell Way, Billings, Montana, to Hollywood. He sold a screenplay and became the creative consultant for "Wormhole X-treme!", a cable television series based on his vague memories of the SGC. Martin's compatriots, no longer able to hide on Earth, escaped the NID by returning to their ship and leaving the planet, but Martin chose to stay behind and make his way in Hollywood.

Although "Wormhole X-treme!" lasted for only three episodes, it allegedly performed well on DVD, and it was picked up as a television movie. At O'Neill's suggestion, Martin met with the members of SG-1 to give notes on his script to make sure that the Air Force was properly represented and to ensure plausible deniability. During the meeting, Martin received word that the movie had been canceled, but that the television series had been renewed. "Wormhole X-treme!" went on to last ten seasons, 200 episodes, and earned 7 Saturn Awards, after which it was again picked up as a movie.

Portrayed by: Willie Garson

Cross Reference: Malcolm Barrett, Bob, Martin Lloyd's Homeworld, Martin Lloyd's Spaceship, Man in Black, Murray, New Clover Leaf Restaurant, Peter Tanner, Ted, Wormhole X-treme!

Episode Reference: Point of No Return, Wormhole X-treme!, 200