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Malcolm Barrett

Agent Malcolm Barrett of the NID was given full authority over the investigation to recover Martin Lloyd, his compatriots, and their alien spacecraft, however Martin's friends were able to escape in their ship before the NID reached them. Barrett remained loyal to the mandates of the NID, even as rogue agents working from within began to support a shadow organization, known as the Committee, which operated outside the law. Following the failed attempt of Colonel Simmons and rogue agents to hijack the Prometheus, Barrett was called to the White House for a special assignment from the President to expose the cancer within the NID. Barrett used pressure to secure the cooperation of Senator Kinsey in collecting enough evidence to bring down the entire leadership of the shadow group. However, Kinsey was targeted by the group for assassination, and when O'Neill was framed for the crime, Barrett joined Carter in her investigation to clear O'Neill, which led to the arrest of members of the Committee.

Since that time, ex-agents have continued to operate outside the realm of the NID, but the agency itself has remained relatively free from rogue elements, and Agent Barrett has kept in close contact with the SGC, cooperating on a number of operations. He shared information with the SGC during their background check of Richard Woolsey, and he coordinated the plan to target members of the Trust by cooperating with Alec Colson and Brian Vogler. He also brought SG-1 in on his investigation of the murder of 32 people in an abandoned industrial complex in Los Angeles. His interrogation of Dr. Keffler uncovered the activities of a rogue NID sleeper cell and their experiments to create Anna, a human-Goa'uld hybrid.

Agent Barrett's investigation of clandestine operations continued as remnants of the Committee and former rogue NID agents came to be known as the Trust, an organization that was infiltrated by the Goa'uld. When Ba'al took control of Trust operations on Earth, Barrett coordinated with the SGC to attack and secure Ba'al's secret compound. Ba'al had created multiple clones of himself, however, and when a number of clones were captured and detained at the SGC, Barrett requested to participate in the interrogation of the prisoners. When his request was denied, he became enraged, demanded to see the prisoner without authorization, and took his weapon into the interrogation room, which gave Ba'al an opportunity to escape. Barrett's uncharacteristic behavior suggested that he had previously been brainwashed by Goa'uld technology readily available to the Trust, and that he was being manipulated by Ba'al who had counted on Barrett as part of his plan to escape with coordinates from the Ancient database.

Following the escape of Ba'al's clones, Barrett was taken into custody, but through anti-brainwashing techniques he was able to make a full recovery and he was once again cleared for active duty, more determined than ever to catch those responsible. He was assigned to Area 51 where he cooperated with the SGC's investigation of Sodan cloaking technology stolen by the Trust. He and his team also provided a list of Trust safehouses which SG-1 investigated after Vala was kidnapped by Athena, and he brought word to the SGC of a planned meeting of Ba'al's clones on P3R-112, a meeting in which Ba'al himself was responsible for the deaths of nearly a dozen more clones.

With the facilities of the NID and numerous agents at his disposal, many of whom have been working undercover embedded in Ba'al's operations on Earth, Agent Barrett has continued to head the investigation into all Trust activities.

Portrayed by: Peter Flemming

Cross Reference: Anna, Area 51, Ba'al, Committee, Mark Devlin, Dr. Keffler, Robert Kinsey, Brent Langham, Martin Lloyd, Mimic Device, NID, NID Rogue Operation, Stanton Park, Luthor Sykes, Peter Tanner, Trust, Agent Williams

Episode Reference: Wormhole X-treme!, Smoke & Mirrors, Resurrection, Ex Deus Machina, Insiders, Dominion