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The Committee was a shadow organization operating in conjunction with rogue agents of the NID. The group consisted of private businessmen who were informed of the Stargate Program by rogue elements of the NID and who had invested millions in the acquisition and analysis of stolen alien technology for the purpose of finding commercial applications and making billions in return by incorporating alien advancements into their product lines. In a matter of a few months, at least ten new patents could be traced back directly to Area 51, including advancements in industrial chemicals, metallurgy, and computers. Rogue agents, including those involved in the NID off-world operation, worked for the Committee, who functioned behind the scenes from Washington, DC, pulling strings at the very highest civilian levels.

Following the Prometheus incident, NID Agent Malcolm Barrett, working on special assignment from the President, pressured Senator Kinsey to cooperate with the investigation to expose the cancer within the NID. The Committee responded by using stolen mimic devices to arrange an assassination attempt on Kinsey and to plan the elimination of Hammond through threats or murder. Agent Barrett, working in cooperation with Carter, exposed and arrested five key members of the Committee, preventing their control of the SGC. However, shadow cells consisting of the remnants of the Committee and the rogue NID, which came to be known as the Trust, continued their clandestine activities aimed at controlling alien technology both for the defense of the planet and for profit.

Portrayed by: Harvey Gold, Don Mackay, Dale Wilson

Cross Reference: Area 51, Malcolm Barrett, Mark Devlin, Robert Kinsey, Brent Langham, Mimic Device, NID, NID Off-World Operation, NID Rogue Operation, Trust

Episode Reference: Smoke & Mirrors