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The Trust is the name adopted by the remnants of the consortium of businessmen known as the Committee and the former NID agents who had engaged in rogue operations outside the jurisdiction of the NID. The clandestine group is enormously powerful and highly connected with seemingly limitless resources and the ability to operate above the law. The Trust believed that Washington had abdicated its duty to protect the planet and saw it as their responsibility to step in. In doing so, their stated goal was the defense of Earth through the acquisition of alien technology, as well as the development of technology for profit, and they had been funding various secret endeavors all aimed at controlling the stargate and alien technology for their own purposes.

The Trust's agenda depended upon the secrecy of the Stargate Program, and when industrialist Alec Colson intended to expose the truth about alien life to the public, the Trust was behind the attempt on his life and the financial ruin of his company in order to guarantee his silence. Through bribery or coercion, the Trust obtained the cooperation of certain personnel within Area 51, and it was through the research of Dr. Bricksdale that the Trust gained access to Anubis's Goa'uld alkesh left behind in Earth's orbit by Osiris. Anubis had translated the command codes for the ship into an obscure dialect of Ancient, and agents Hoskins, Jennings, and Brooks turned to Daniel for the translation. They framed Teal'c for murder and kidnapped his neighbor, Krista, threatening to kill her unless Daniel cooperated, and Daniel provided the translation they required to access the ship.

Once they had full control of the alkesh, the Trust kept a permanent presence on the cloaked ship, maintaining a polar orbit around the moon. Using Asgard beaming technology and locator beacons, they stole the stargate from the SGC gateroom by beaming it aboard their ship. They were also able to obtain a supply of symbiote poison and a number of VX rockets which gave them the ability to deliver the poison in aerosol form over large areas. Their intent was to launch a full-scale chemical attack through the stolen stargate against the Goa'uld without any regard for the millions of Jaffa, whom they considered to be acceptable losses. Hoskins and Jennings began by targeting planets within Ba'al's domain and annihilated at least five worlds, including P4S-161 and P3S-114, where M'zel and Zarin lost their lives. SG-1 and Prometheus succeeded in recovering the stargate, however the Trust agents escaped into hyperspace.

Following their escape, the Trust used the alkesh to launch at least two more poison attacks against Goa'uld-occupied worlds, however their ship was captured by the Goa'uld, and the agents aboard were taken as hosts. Seizing the opportunity to infiltrate high-level organizations on Earth, the Goa'uld agents returned to Earth with dozens, or perhaps hundreds, of symbiotes with which to implant other members of the organization, and it is possible that the entire Trust has been compromised by Goa'uld infestation. Former operatives Jennings, Kent, Parker, and Wayne, now Goa'uld hosts, were part of an elaborate scheme to acquire the Ancient defense weapon in Antarctica by first igniting a nuclear war between the United States and Russia that would annihilate both nations. Within the Russian government, the Russian Defense Minister, General Miroslav Kiselev, was implanted with a Goa'uld, and former vice president Robert Kinsey was also made a host in an attempt to convince each government that the other had been compromised. The world came to the brink of nuclear war, but through the cooperation of O'Neill, Colonel Chekov, and Russian President Mikhailov, Kiselev was apprehended and both governments stood down. The alkesh used by the Trust was destroyed by the Prometheus with Jennings, Kent, Parker, and Wayne aboard, however Kinsey's fate remains unknown.

With the possibility of many more Goa'uld operating within the organization, the Trust became an even more imminent threat and a matter of national security. Kerry Johnson of the CIA was assigned to head up the investigation into the Goa'uld who remained at large within the organization, and Malcolm Barrett and the NID continued their ongoing investigation of Goa'uld and Trust activities that had become a global conspiracy with political and corporate connections in over a dozen countries and access to secure communications networks worldwide. After the battle at Dakara and the fall of the System Lords, Ba'al sought refuge on Earth, and as he and his many clones took control of Farrow-Marshall, an aeronautics firm that was one of several Trust-operated facilities, Ba'al became the de facto head of the Trust's operations on Earth.

With the cooperation of Athena, posing as Charlotte Mayfield, the vice president of Farrow-Marshall, Ba'al launched a series of corporate acquisitions and mergers. Through alliances with major players in the areas of business and high finance including Alex Jameson of Farrow-Marshall, David Ballard, the Chairman of the Stark Consortium, Masato Hiro, the CEO of Far East Mercantile, James Lowery and Tony Tran, the President and Chief Financial Officer of Alaraph Pharmaceuticals, Michael Northrup, the founder and CEO of Hammel Technologies, and Terrence Evans and Anaim Blalock, the founding partners of Procyon Media Enterprises, Ba'al went about consolidating and solidifying his power base. He was behind the destruction of the Halcyon Tower in Seattle, which he detonated in retaliation for attempts on his life, but although one of his clones was captured and executed by Gerak, many other clones remained in control of the Trust's operations.

When Ba'al was captured and held at the SGC, Agent Malcolm Barrett arrived seeking custody of the prisoner as part of his ongoing investigation into Trust activities, but he himself became a victim of Ba'al and the Trust. He had been brainwashed as part of an elaborate scheme by Ba'al to acquire coordinates from the Ancient database. Under the influence of Ba'al, Barrett ignored all protocol and gained access to the prisoner's cell at the SGC, allowing Ba'al and his clones the opportunity to escape. Agent Barrett recovered from the brainwashing, but the Trust continued to plague SGC and NID operations. From Area 51, the Trust had acquired the Sodan cloaking technology, and they used the device to create a shield of invisibility for inconspicuous surveillance. Because the devices had been modified to limit radiation exposure, they permitted inter-dimensional parasites to cross over into our dimension, and a Trust operative using a Sodan cloak to spy on SG-1 near O'Neill's cabin was responsible for the appearance of horrific mutated creatures in northern Minnesota.

Athena also used her position within the Trust to her advantage. Relying on the considerable resources at her disposal, she arranged for the capture of Vala, who had once been the host to Qetesh, her bitter rival. Vala was kidnapped by Devon, an operative working for Athena, and held at the Westminster Boiler & Tank Company warehouse, one of several Trust safehouses in the Colorado Springs area that had previously been used as a base when operatives had captured Krista and Daniel. There operatives Weaver and Kakalios used Goa'uld memory technology similar to a zatarc detector to probe Vala's mind for traces of Qetesh's genetic memory that would provide a clue to the location of the Ancient treasure known as the Clava Thessara Infinitas.

Although several Trust operatives were killed or captured during the raids on Trust facilities and the rescue of Vala, Athena and many Ba'al clones remain at large. The SGC continues to cooperate with Agent Barrett and the NID to monitor Trust activities, and a number of NID agents have been working undercover, embedded inside Ba'al's operations on Earth, to provide intelligence and bring an end to the Trust.

Cross Reference: Area 51, Asgard Transport Beam, Athena, Ba'al, Malcolm Barrett, Dr. Bricksdale, Brooks, Ruslan Chernovshev, Alec Colson, Committee, Devon, Farrow-Marshall, Goa'uld, Halcyon Tower, Kevin Hartkans, Hoskins, Inter-Dimensional Parasites, Krista James, Alex Jameson, Jennings, Kerry Johnson, Kakalios, Kent, Robert Kinsey, Miroslav Kiselev, Locator Beacon, Charlotte Mayfield, Mikita Couriers, Missiles, M'zel, NID, NID Off-World Operation, NID Rogue Operation, P3S-114, P4S-161, Parker, Prometheus, Rebel Jaffa, Russians, Sodan Cloak, Symbiote Poison, Brian Vogler, Wayne, Weaver, Westminster Boiler & Tank Company, Zarin, Zatarc Detector

Episode Reference: Affinity, Covenant, Endgame, Full Alert, Ex Deus Machina, Insiders, Uninvited, Memento Mori