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Jennings was an operative of the rogue NID element known as the Trust. With his partners, Hoskins and Brooks, he carried out the mission to acquire Osiris's abandoned alkesh in Earth's orbit. The team had been keeping Teal'c under surveillance, and when they witnessed the murder of Doug, the boyfriend of Teal'c's neighbor, Krista James, they used the opportunity to frame Teal'c and threaten Krista's life in order to blackmail Daniel into translating a set of command codes which gave them access and control of Osiris's ship. They stole the stargate and used the alkesh as a base of operations from which to launch rockets carrying symbiote poison through the gate to annihilate Goa'uld and Jaffa homeworlds.

SG-1 recovered the stargate, however the Trust operatives fled into hyperspace where they were captured and taken as Goa'uld hosts. Jennings was implanted with a symbiote, and returned to Earth with dozens of additional symbiotes used to infiltrate the rest of the organization. Jennings, Kent, Parker, and Wayne also abducted Robert Kinsey and implanted him with a symbiote as part of a Goa'uld scheme to ignite a nuclear war in which the United States and Russia would destroy each other, allowing the Goa'uld access to the Ancient defense weapon in Antarctica. In a confrontation aboard the alkesh in Earth's orbit, Kinsey shot and killed Jennings, just before the ship was destroyed by the Prometheus.

Portrayed by: Lucas Wolf

Cross Reference: Dr. Bricksdale, Brooks, Doug, Hoskins, Krista James, Kent, Robert Kinsey, NID Off-World Operation, NID Rogue Operation, Parker, Trust, Wayne

Episode Reference: Affinity, Endgame, Full Alert