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Dr. Bricksdale

Dr. Bricksdale had been a scientist at Area 51. Following the capture of Osiris, the SGC acquired the wrist device that she had used to remotely activate the Asgard beam technology installed on her cloaked alkesh in Earth orbit. The device was sent to Area 51 for study, where Dr. Bricksdale was assigned to the project, and shortly afterward, operatives from the Trust contacted him, hoping that the wrist device was the key to locating Osiris's ship. Bricksdale determined that the wrist device is keyed to the presence of both naquadah and specific Goa'uld DNA in the blood of the user, and it wasn't until he used samples of both in an experimental adapter that he accidentally activated the transport beam. Bricksdale shared the technology with the Trust, who provided him with a $2 million Cayman Island account and used the transport beam and locator beacons to make the alkesh a base of operations. Bricksdale did not report the success of his experiment, and he sabotaged the adapter and shelved the project, however, when the stargate was stolen by the Trust, Bricksdale was apprehended by the SGC. When offered protection for both his life and his secret account, he agreed to make the wrist device work again, allowing Daniel to beam aboard the alkesh to help recover the stolen stargate.

Portrayed by: Jonathan Holmes

Cross Reference: Area 51, Asgard Transport Beam, Brooks, Hoskins, Jennings, NID Rogue Operation, Trust

Episode Reference: Endgame