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Hoskins is an operative of the rogue NID element known as the Trust. With his partners, Jennings and Brooks, he carried out the mission to acquire Osiris's abandoned alkesh in Earth's orbit. The team bribed Dr. Bricksdale at Area 51 to share the technology of the Asgard transport beam, giving them access to the ship, and they kept Teal'c under surveillance, witnessing the murder of Doug, the boyfriend of his neighbor, Krista James. They framed Teal'c for Doug's murder and threatened Krista's life in order to blackmail Daniel into translating a set of command codes which gave them control of the ship. The team used the alkesh as a base of operations and stole the stargate by beaming it aboard, then they launched rockets carrying symbiote poison through the gate to annihilate Goa'uld and Jaffa homeworlds. When SG-1 attempted to recover the stargate, Hoskins was killed by Teal'c's staff weapon in a confrontation aboard the ship.

Portrayed by: Peter Bryant

Cross Reference: Dr. Bricksdale, Brooks, Doug, Krista James, Jennings, NID Off-World Operation, NID Rogue Operation, Trust

Episode Reference: Affinity, Endgame