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NID Rogue Operation

A shadow organization grew within the NID with command at its very highest levels coming from powerful politicians and a covert group of businessmen known as the Committee, pulling strings behind the scenes, outside the jurisdiction of the military. This mysterious shadow organization had become as powerful as the CIA, with the ability to operate above the law. Rogue NID operatives maintained safehouses throughout the country, and teams worked in cells that communicated with each other by accessing online bulletin boards using firewall protected servers, decoding software, and passwords. Because of its structure, even those within the organization were unaware of the direct chain of command, however Colonel Maybourne, Colonel Simmons, and Senator Kinsey were among those involved in rogue NID operations, their goal being the acquisition of alien technology by any means necessary.

Rogue NID operations have been connected to numerous covert plots, conspiracies, assassinations and cover-ups. Rogue agents were most likely behind the manipulation of security leaks and the hit-and-run death of journalist Armin Selig. Their tactics have included the detainment of alien races for interrogation and study and the theft of alien technology, such as the Touchstone and the technology behind the Sentinel, by rogue SG teams using the beta stargate and off-world bases. At the urging of the Asgard, Nox, and Tollan, an undercover SGC operation apprehended many of the rogue NID operatives and shut down their off-world operation, however shadow cells continued to function.

With their access to alien technology cut off, the NID attempted to regain off-world access through Maybourne's dissemination of classified documents to the Russians during the development of the Russian stargate program. They made a failed attempt to gain control of the SGC by threatening Hammond's family in order to force his resignation and make way for a commanding officer more supportive of the aggressive NID agenda. The quest for alien technology on Earth led to the pursuit of Goa'uld knowledge by accessing the Goa'uld genetic memory. When industrialist Adrian Conrad acquired a Goa'uld symbiote and sought to cure his terminal illness by allowing himself to be taken as a host, an accident at his Immunitech facility released cloned symbiotes into the population. A sanctioned covert NID operation was launched to monitor the nightwalkers in Steveston, however, rogue agent Colonel Simmons took advantage of the situation by capturing and detaining Conrad. In another attempt to access the Goa'uld genetic memory, Dr. Keffler, working with a rogue NID sleeper cell in Los Angeles, created Anna, a human-Goa'uld hybrid. A handful of rogue agents made another attempt to access off-world technology by hijacking the Prometheus and demanding the release of Simmons and Conrad, both of whom were killed during the failed mission.

Following the Prometheus incident, Agent Malcolm Barrett was handpicked by the President to eliminate the cancer within the NID. Barrett used pressure to convince Senator Kinsey to cooperate in bringing down the leadership of the shadow organization, but his collaboration made Kinsey a target for assassination by rogue agents working for the Committee. Barrett's investigation exposed key members of the Committee, however those behind the rogue elements of the NID remained stronger than ever, relying on their significant resources and political ties. Senator Kinsey became an asset rather than a liability to NID interests when he attempted to use political manipulation to circumvent military control of the Stargate Program and bring the SGC under the jurisdiction of the NID. Although his scheme failed, the rogue NID took advantage of the opportunity to propel Kinsey onto the presidential ticket as President Hayes's running mate and as a means of providing the rogue elements with the full control of the Stargate Program that the White House would afford. Despite Kinsey's repeated attempts to wield the power of the White House, however, errors in judgment led to his removal from office.

Although investigations by Barrett and the SGC had removed the rogue element from within the ranks of the NID, dozens of ex-agents remained unaccounted for. They continued to receive financing from unknown sources and to work in cooperation with the remnants of the Committee. These rogue elements came to be known as the Trust, and they continued funding various secret endeavors aimed at controlling alien technology both in defense of the planet and for profit. They used blackmail against industrialist Alec Colson and threatened his company with financial ruin in order to prevent the disclosure of the SGC to the public. Several agents acquired a Goa'uld alkesh and used it as a base of operations from which to launch chemical attacks against Goa'uld and Jaffa worlds. Although they claim that their goal is the protection of the planet, the rogue NID and members of the Trust remain a threat as they continue to operate outside the law, sustained by illicit funding and the acquisition of alien technology.

Cross Reference: Anna, Area 51, Malcolm Barrett, General Bauer, Beta Stargate, Dr. Bricksdale, Brooks, Committee, Adrian Conrad, Mark Devlin, Sean Grieves, George Hammond, Hoskins, Jennings, Jones, Dr. Keffler, Lieutenant Kershaw, Robert Kinsey, Brent Langham, Colonel Makepeace, Harry Maybourne, Mimic Device, Major Newman, NID, NID Off-World Operation, Nightwalkers, Prometheus, Armin Selig, Sentinel, Frank Simmons, Smith, Clare Tobias, Touchstone, Trust

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