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Brent Langham

Dr. Brent Langham had been a scientist at Area 51, part of the team of eight scientists, including Dr. Singh and Dr. Healey, assigned to study the mimic devices acquired after the foothold incident involving aliens from P3X-118. Attempts to reverse engineer the devices met with limited success and the project was eventually shut down. Langham stole the mimic devices and faked his own disappearance in an apparent automobile accident, then used one of the devices to take on the identity of SGC airman David Zwydel, and delivered the stolen devices to the shadow organization known as the Committee to be used in an assassination attempt on Senator Kinsey. Langham was traced through his prescription for Primidone and Carbamazepine, used to treat epilepsy. He was arrested, and was offered relocation through the stargate in exchange for his cooperation in giving information about his connections to the Committee and the rogue NID agents who worked for them.

Portrayed by: Peter Kelamis

Cross Reference: Area 51, Malcolm Barrett, Committee, Mark Devlin, Robert Kinsey, Mimic Device, NID Rogue Operation

Episode Reference: Smoke & Mirrors