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Robert Kinsey

Senator Robert Kinsey, as Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, attempted to cut all federal funding for the Stargate Program after its first year of operation. His attempt failed, and when the SGC remained active following the destruction of Apophis's motherships in Earth's orbit, Kinsey began exerting his political influence and maneuvering to gain control of the program instead.

With covert ties to the NID, Kinsey had been linked to Maybourne's secret operation out of Area 51 and involvement with the Russians. He had aspirations for the White House, and in an alternate view of the future, he was the US President in 2010 under the Aschen Confederation. Through political posturing and religious rhetoric, he attempted to manipulate political opinion within the White House, to sabotage SGC operations, including the negotiations with the Aschen, and he developed a personal vendetta against O'Neill.

Kinsey was also linked to the threats against Hammond that forced him to resign from the SGC, but an investigation by O'Neill and Maybourne accumulated evidence of Kinsey's ties to illegal NID activities, and the disk of incriminating evidence, held at the SGC, guaranteed Hammond's return. To prevent the information from going public, Kinsey was forced to back off of the SGC, and Agent Barrett of the NID was able to use his vulnerable position to pressure Kinsey into cooperating with the investigation to bring down the leadership of the Committee, the shadow organization operating in conjunction with rogue NID agents. However, his cooperation made Kinsey a target, and he was wounded in an assassination attempt ordered by the Committee and carried out by Agent Devlin, who used a mimic device to alter his appearance and frame O'Neill for the crime.

When the secret organization was exposed, Kinsey used the arrest of the Committee members to his political advantage, and moved to the Intelligence Oversight Committee, which put him in a position of direct power over the NID. He manipulated an intelligence briefing in which the Stargate Program was disclosed to foreign ambassadors, hoping to use international pressure to bring the SGC under the control of the NID, however, intervention from Thor assured that the program would remain under the jurisdiction of the US Air Force. Nevertheless, Kinsey used the power afforded by his position on the Intelligence Oversight Committee to authorize Richard Woolsey of the NID to conduct a full investigation into SGC strategic policy.

In the meantime, Kinsey used his knowledge of the Stargate Program as leverage to propel himself onto the presidential ticket as the running mate of presidential candidate Henry Hayes. Unaware of Kinsey's illicit connections, Hayes selected Kinsey for his ability to bring in campaign financing and to deliver Florida all by himself. Following the election, Vice President Kinsey made his position concerning the SGC clear to President Hayes, insisting that the military personnel directly involved with the SGC must be replaced immediately, and he relied on the evidence accumulated by Woolsey to convince the President to clean house at the SGC. However, both Woolsey and Hayes began to suspect Kinsey's illegal connections, a suspicion that was confirmed when Woolsey acquired from Hammond the disk of evidence collected earlier by O'Neill and Maybourne, and turned it over to the President.

When Dr. Elizabeth Weir, a civilian, was given temporary command of the SGC, Kinsey believed that she could be manipulated to conform to his agenda. He was mistaken, and during Anubis's attack on Earth, Kinsey first attempted to flee to the Alpha Site, then attempted to wrest control of the base from Weir. However, President Hayes informed him that with enough evidence to have him shot, Kinsey should consider that his resignation from office is accepted.

After Kinsey was forced to resign the vice presidency in disgrace, he was no longer useful to the rogue NID, which had evolved into a secret organization known as the Trust. However, when members of the Trust approached him with an offer of a large cash payment in exchange for a meeting with the Russian Defense Minister, General Miroslav Kiselev, Kinsey turned to O'Neill, and, whether out of patriotism or revenge, he offered his cooperation in taking down the Trust. Kinsey was unaware, however, that the Trust had been compromised and had been taken as Goa'uld hosts. Kinsey was abducted by Trust operatives and implanted with a symbiote, then used as a pawn in a scheme to ignite a nuclear war. In Russia, Kinsey was arrested for an assassination attempt on Kiselev, who was also a Goa'uld. The intention was to convince the governments of Russia and the United States that the other had been compromised, with the ultimate goal being the acquisition of the Ancient defense weapon in Antarctica after the two nations had destroyed each other.

Although the world came to the brink of nuclear annihilation, Kiselev was apprehended and the crisis was averted. Kinsey escaped from custody and confronted the members of the Trust aboard the alkesh in Earth's orbit. He was in possession of the wrist device which controls the transporter when the alkesh was destroyed by Prometheus, and although he is presumed dead, his true fate is unknown.

Portrayed by: Ronny Cox

Cross Reference: Ambassador from Britain, Ambassador from China, Ambassador from France, Malcolm Barrett, Bystanders, Committee, Paul Davis, Mark Devlin, George Hammond, Henry Hayes, Jennings, Kent, Miroslav Kiselev, Brent Langham, Harry Maybourne, Francis Maynard, Mimic Device, NID Rogue Operation, Oscar, Parker, Russians, Colonel Samuels, Trust, Wayne, Elizabeth Weir, Richard Woolsey

Episode Reference: Politics, Chain Reaction, 2010, 2001, Smoke & Mirrors, Disclosure, Heroes, Inauguration, Lost City, Full Alert