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Cheering bystanders greeted Senator Kinsey as he left a local hotel, however they ducked and scattered in panic as sniper fire rang out. Pressured into cooperating with Agent Barrett to provide enough evidence to bring down the leadership of a shadow organization within the NID, Kinsey became a target of the Committee, and an assassin, using a mimic device to frame O'Neill for the murder, fired at Kinsey from a rooftop. Kinsey was shot in the chest and rushed to a hospital under guard. His bulletproof vest saved his life. None of the bystanders was injured.

Portrayed by: Hal Wamsley, Gary Hasson, Kate Ritter*
*Cameo by Hal Wamsley, Gary Hasson, Kate Ritter: Stargate SG-1 Official Fan Club

Cross Reference: Robert Kinsey

Episode Reference: Smoke & Mirrors