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Colonel Samuels

Major Samuels, General Hammond's Executive Officer, was later promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and transferred to the Pentagon, where he was assigned to Stargate Mission Analysis. He participated in Senator Kinsey's hearing to determine the viability of the SGC and supported the closure of the Stargate Program. He returned to the SGC by order of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and at the request of Senator Kinsey to coordinate the preemptive strike against the Goa'uld motherships approaching Earth orbit. When the naquadah-enhanced weapon he had helped to oversee at Area 51 failed against the Goa'uld shields, he requested evacuation to the Alpha Site. He was denied, and left the SGC in disgrace.

Portrayed by: Robert Wisden

Cross Reference: Area 51, George Hammond, Robert Kinsey, Pentagon, Time Travel 3000 BC

Episode Reference: Children of the Gods, Politics, The Serpent's Lair, Moebius