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Mr. Kent had been a member of the shadowy organization known as the Trust. When Trust operatives were captured by the Goa'uld, they were taken as hosts and returned to Earth, bringing additional symbiotes with which they intended to infiltrate the entire organization. Kent and his partners, Jennings, Parker, and Wayne, were among the Trust operatives who were implanted with symbiotes. The goal of the organization was to ignite a nuclear war in which Russia and the United States would destroy each other, allowing the Goa'uld to claim the Ancient defense weapon in Antarctica. Although the world was brought to the brink of nuclear annihilation, the scheme ultimately failed, and Kent was aboard the Goa'uld alkesh in orbit when it was destroyed by the Prometheus. He is presumed dead.

Portrayed by: Allan Gray

Cross Reference: Jennings, Robert Kinsey, Parker, Trust, Wayne

Episode Reference: Full Alert