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Harry Maybourne

Colonel Harry Maybourne of the NID replaced Colonel Kennedy as a liaison to the Pentagon. He vigorously and ruthlessly pursued the acquisition of alien technology and alien species for study, including the insects of BP6-3Q1 and the Tollan refugees, using any means to achieve his ends.

Maybourne was reassigned to Nellis and secretly commanded the rogue NID off-world operation using the beta stargate at Area 51. He continued as a liaison between the NID and the SGC, however, and he cooperated with Carter in resisting an alien incursion during a foothold situation at the SGC. When O'Neill's undercover mission to expose covert rogue NID operations shut down Maybourne's off-world access, Maybourne was sent to work for the Russians where he passed on classified SGC documents to help establish the Russian stargate program. For this he was convicted of treason and faced the death penalty as prisoner number S2989.

O'Neill obtained Maybourne's temporary release from prison in exchange for his cooperation in obtaining proof of the involvement of certain influential people with the NID. Their investigation turned up evidence of Senator Kinsey's ties to illegal NID activities, and Maybourne kept a copy of the disk of incriminating evidence a leverage that helped him to remain at large. He continued to live in hiding, using hundreds of aliases including Menard, Charles Bliss, and Butch Cassidy. He was hired by Adrian Conrad to arrange for the capture of a Goa'uld symbiote from the Russians, however, when Conrad's associates also kidnapped Carter, Maybourne risked execution by returning to help O'Neill to rescue her. Again he eluded capture, but returned to assist O'Neill in rescuing Teal'c when he was trapped inside the stargate matrix, and he helped to locate the Goa'uld who had taken Adrian Conrad as a host and had been kept in hiding in the custody of Colonel Simmons. In doing so, he also helped to obtain evidence against Simmons and the NID.

Tired of living on the run, Maybourne approached O'Neill with promises of alien technology in a ruse to use the stargate to reach an alien paradise where he could retire. However, both O'Neill and Maybourne became stranded on the deserted paradise before being rescued by the Tok'ra. Rather than return to Earth, Maybourne welcomed O'Neill's suggestion that the Tok'ra might find a nice planet on which he could retire, and the Tok'ra relocated Maybourne to a simple planet among peaceful people where he lived quietly for about a year.

When Maybourne discovered the ruins of a temple with Ancient writings, he was able to interpret what was a historical record that included future events, and the people honored him as a prophet, declaring him King Arkhan the First. However, the planet had once fallen under the domain of the Goa'uld Ares, and in the face of defeat by Ba'al, Ares returned to reclaim his former world as a sanctuary. Maybourne tried to convince his people to evacuate, but they had faith in the prophecy that the enemy would be vanquished. SG-1 defeated Ares and his Jaffa, as the writings had foretold, and Maybourne chose to remain on his peaceful world among his people, and his wives.

Portrayed by: Tom McBeath

Cross Reference: Area 51, King Arkhan, Beta Stargate, Adrian Conrad, Foothold, Sean Grieves, Timothy Harlow, Colonel Kennedy, Lieutenant Kershaw, Robert Kinsey, Colonel Makepeace, Menard, Major Newman, NID, NID Off-World Operation, NID Rogue Operation, Paradise, Pentagon, Colonel Reynolds, Russian Stargate, Frank Simmons, Clare Tobias, Touchstone

Episode Reference: Enigma, Bane, Touchstone, Foothold, Shades of Grey, Watergate, Chain Reaction, Desperate Measures, 48 Hours, Paradise Lost, It's Good to Be King