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The NID, described as a legitimate intelligence organization financed by the government with a mandate to provide vital civilian oversight of top secret military operations, is so clandestine that even its full name is unknown. Headquartered in Washington, DC, the NID answers to the Senate Oversight Committee and has close ties to the Pentagon and Area 51. The SGC directive for search and retrieval has been closely linked to the NID oversight of research and development of alien technology at Area 51 that has been brought back from SG missions. Agents of the NID have also been involved in sanctioned missions involving aliens and technology on Earth, including the attempted recovery of Martin Lloyd and his spacecraft, and the investigation into the townspeople of Steveston, known as nightwalkers, who had been taken as hosts by cloned Goa'uld symbiotes.

Ever since the beginning of the Stargate Program, however, there have been philosophical skirmishes as to the interpretation of the SGC mandate. There were those who insisted that any and all discoveries should be brought back to Earth regardless of considerations like interplanetary diplomacy. These influences remained behind the scenes, powerful politicians pulling the strings at a civilian level, outside the jurisdiction of the military. A shadow organization began to emerge within the NID. Rogue agents, operating in cooperation with a covert group of businessmen and political leaders, often interfered with sanctioned NID missions and attempted to use their influence to acquire control of the SGC. As a countermeasure, Agent Malcolm Barrett was chosen by the President to launch an investigation that would eliminate the cancer within his organization. His investigation exposed the leadership of the Committee and removed the rogue element from the ranks of the NID.

The NID has been clean since then, however rogue ex-agents have continued to receive outside funding and have established themselves as a separate entity known as the Trust, operating beyond the jurisdiction of the NID. Agent Barrett has continued to spearhead the investigation into the activities of the Trust, and he has cooperated with the SGC on several occasions, including the attempts to capture and interrogate Ba'al and his clones, who had taken over the leadership of the Trust on Earth.

While the NID does provide civilian oversight of the SGC, the SGC does not answer directly to the NID. Command at the SGC answers to the President, who may take the recommendations of the NID under advisement.

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