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Colonel Reynolds

Major Reynolds of the NID was assigned to Area 51 and was serving under Colonel Maybourne when he escorted SG-1 during their visit to the facility to recover the Touchstone. He was later promoted to colonel and was transferred from Area 51 to the SGC where he has led SG teams during many operations, often on joint missions with SG-1, and he has proven himself to be an extremely competent leader. One of his earliest missions was as the commander of SG-16 during the long-term analysis of the alien weapon found on Velona which was eventually destroyed by Orlin.

Later, Colonel Reynolds became the commanding officer of SG-3, a unit typically composed of Marines. He and SG-3 joined SG-1 on the mission in search of Vis Uban which led them to be reunited with Daniel Jackson after his ascension. He again accompanied SG-1 as the commander of SG-3 during the mission to Ramius's planet to capture a Kull Warrior, and he was severely wounded during the ambush on the planet in which the teams were taken prisoner. He recovered from his injuries and once again commanded SG-3 on the joint mission with SG-1 to the Alpha Site to rescue survivors after the destruction of the base by Anubis's Kull Warriors.

On the mission to P3X-439 in search of the repository of the Ancients, Reynolds commanded SG-3 and joined Major Harper and SG-5 in providing backup for SG-1. Together they held the gate against Anubis's attack until SG-1's return. Reynolds and SG-3 also provided backup for SG-1 under the command of Carter during the mission to P2X-887 in search of an abandoned Goa'uld base. When SG-1 disappeared on the planet, Reynolds led the joint teams of SG-3, SG-10, and SG-12 during a search of the planet. His team also recovered the ZPM described by Camulus, and he delivered Camulus to Ba'al in an exchange that was meant to bring the return of SG-1. He demonstrated his intense loyalty to O'Neill as his commanding officer by assembling the men and women of the base in a show of support and a willingness to go to war on O'Neill's order.

Reynolds and SG-3 were also selected by Hammond for the Prometheus expedition to Atlantis. Reynolds recommended determining the viability of salvaging the abandoned alkesh discovered en route, and he helped to repair the ship and recover the Prometheus after it was hijacked by Vala. He was assigned to the SGC during the invasion of the base by Replicators, and he cooperated with O'Neill in the rescue of Siler and SGC personnel, and in the defense of the base against the incursion.

Reynolds and SG-3 were part of the mission to rescue Teal'c from Ba'al on P2M-903, and SG-1 investigated the production of kassa on P6G-452 after Reynolds and SG-3 had first discovered the addictive grain in a local marketplace and brought a sample back to Earth. When Teal'c and SG-12 were overdue on P9G-844, Reynolds led an extraction team composed of SG-3 and SG-22 to the Sodan world where he helped coordinate the capture of Volnek.

When Landry and Mitchell spent time in O'Neill's Minnesota cabin, Colonel Reynolds took temporary command of the SGC while Landry was away. He and SG-3 investigated reports of a ferocious predator on P9J-333, and he joined the team in Minnesota when sightings of a similar inter-dimensional creature were reported there. He also joined SG-1 on the mission to conceal the village on P9C-882 from the Ori by taking it out of phase, as well as the mission that attempted to prevent Teal'c from seeking revenge against Arkad.

Portrayed by: Eric Breker

Cross Reference: Area 51, Bosworth, Major Harper, Harry Maybourne, NID, Prometheus, SG Teams

Episode Reference: Touchstone, Ascension, Fallen, Evolution, Death Knell, Lost City, Zero Hour, Prometheus Unbound, Reckoning, Stronghold, Off the Grid, Arthur's Mantle, Uninvited, Line in the Sand, Talion, Dominion