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10.17 Episode 211
Airdate: June 1, 2007

The peaceful Jaffa leadership summit at Dar Eshkalon is shattered when explosions rip through the camp, killing 32 and leaving Teal'c and Bra'tac among the gravely injured. Weeks later at the SGC, Teal'c has made a slow recovery, and intelligence suggests that Arkad is responsible. A Jaffa warrior without honor, Arkad may have also been responsible for the murder of Teal'c's mother many years before, and he is now gathering power as a new leader who would deliver the Jaffa into the hands of the Ori. When Landry won't authorize a mission, Teal'c offers his resignation and leaves Earth, determined to exact vengeance for the deaths at Dar Eshkalon.

Vowing that those responsible will pay with their lives, Teal'c single handedly tracks down and eliminates Lizan, the unscrupulous arms dealer, and Ba'kal, the ruthless assassin responsible for the massacre. Meanwhile, intelligence suggests that Arkad is organizing a coordinated attack on Earth, but instead Arkad requests safe passage to the SGC. There he insists that he is not involved with the events of Dar Eshkalon or the cowardly planned attack on Earth, and he offers his cooperation. Despite SG-1's suspicions, the IOA insists that for the moment no action must be taken against Arkad. In fact, SG-1 is ordered to find Teal'c, and to stop him at all costs.

At Arkad's base of operations, SG-1 awaits Teal'c's arrival, hoping to deter him from his revenge. However, Teal'c overpowers his teammates and takes on Arkad's guards. Badly wounded, he is brought before the waiting Arkad, who admits to the attack on Earth and his mother's murder, taunting him with each blow, and pinning him to the ground with his sword. In one final blow, Teal'c thrusts Arkad against the wall, where he is impaled by the mounted weapons, and breathes his last. At the SGC, Mitchell files his report: Arkad had captured SG-1, but fortunately Teal'c had been there to rescue them, during which time Arkad had been accidentally killed.

Written by: Damian Kindler
Directed by: Andy Mikita

Guest Starring: Tony Amendola as Bra'tac, Craig Fairbrass as Arkad, Eric Breker as Colonel Reynolds, Peter Kent as Ba'kal, Gary Jones as Sergeant Harriman, Lexa Doig as Dr. Lam, John Tench as Lizan, Megan Elizabeth as Jaffa Girl, Aaron Brooks as Nisal

Reference: Ancient Language, Arkad, Asgard Transport Beam, Ba'kal, BC-304, Bra'tac, Dar Eshkalon, International Oversight Advisory, Jaffa, Jaffa Child, Jaffa High Council, Jaffa Nation, Carolyn Lam, Lizan, Nisal, Odyssey, Colonel Reynolds, Shock Grenade, Teal'c


Destinations & Inhabitants

Dar Eshkalon

Destinations & Inhabitants

Jaffa Summit

Destinations & Inhabitants

Arkad's Homeworld

Destinations & Inhabitants



  • Ancient Language: Illac Renin = Kingdom of the Path
  • Teal'c and Arkad had met in battle as opposing First Primes at Co'rak. Teal'c bombarded the planet from space, leaving no survivors. Arkhad's parents and sister were killed that day, and in revenge he arranged for the murder of Teal'c mother. Shortly afterward, someone slipped into the village where Teal'c's mother lived and slit her throat in the night.
  • Arkad was once a student of Bra'tac. He existed solely on the fringes in the past, but he has been slowly and quietly building support for himself as a new leader that would deliver the Jaffa Nation into the hands of the Ori.
  • The attack at Dar Eshkalon killed 12 warriors, 18 bystanders, and 2 children, and 12 more were critically injured, including Teal'c and Bra'tac.


  • I am leaving. You are about to explode. [Teal'c]
  • Bra'tac sends his regards as well. I don't think he'll mind me speaking for him when I say that he'd love to stab you in the eye with a really big knife. [Daniel]


  • Injuries:
    • Mitchell: beat up and knocked out in hand-to-hand combat with Teal'c
    • Carter: knocked out by shock grenade
    • Daniel: knocked out by shock grenade
    • Vala: knocked out by shock grenade
    • Teal'c: internal injuries, damaged spine, at least 3 shots from staff weapon, beaten in one-on-one fight, impaled with a sword through the abdomen