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Dar Eshkalon

Following the destruction of Dakara, the Jaffa struggled to rebuild the Jaffa Nation and to organize a council that would unite the Jaffa against the threat of the Ori. Parnon, an influential Jaffa, organized a peaceful leadership summit, and many Jaffa gathered at Dar Eshkalon. Arkad did not participate in the summit. He believed that Origin was the source of salvation the Jaffa had always sought, and he opposed the formation of any council that would directly oppose his campaign to lead all Jaffa toward Origin. Ba'kal, a Jaffa serving Arkad, infiltrated the peaceful summit and planted three explosive devices in three separate tents. The explosions killed 12 warriors, 18 bystanders, and 2 children, 12 more were critically injured, and most of the villagers scattered to the hills. Both Teal'c and Bra'tac were found among the wounded in the smoldering ruins, but Teal'c had witnessed Ba'kal's presence at the summit that day, and after he recovered from his injuries he set out alone to find Ba'kal and Arkad and to avenge the deaths at Dar Eshkalon.

Cross Reference: Arkad, Ba'kal, Bra'tac, Jaffa Child, Jaffa Nation, Lizan, Nisal, Teal'c

Episode Reference: Talion