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Bra'tac of Chulak is a legendary Master Jaffa warrior, formerly the First Prime of Apophis for whom he bears the gold serpent tattoo. As a leader and teacher, he has instructed many young Jaffa in the bashaak training that would mold them into warriors, and Teal'c, Fro'tak, Va'lar, and Moac were among his pupils. Bra'tac had long believed that the Goa'uld are false gods and he used his favored position within the court of Apophis to sow the seeds of rebellion. As Teal'c's mentor on Chulak, Bra'tac saw the spark of doubt in his young apprentice and trained him as his successor, teaching his beliefs of false gods until Teal'c turned against Apophis and joined the Tauri. Since then he continued to lead his few but loyal followers in the resistance against the Goa'uld.

Fiercely independent, a gifted pilot, leader, and teacher as well as a master warrior, Bra'tac had little patience for humans, however in cooperating with SG-1 he has learned to admire the human spirit, and has become a strong friend and ally of the SGC. He has joined SG-1 on the missions to prevent the attack of Earth by Apophis and Klorel, to rescue Rya'c from capture and brainwashing by Apophis on Chulak, to seek the Harsesis child on Kheb, and he joined Teal'c in rescuing SG-1 from capture by Hathor. When the sarcophagus had turned Teal'c against the Tauri, Bra'tac demanded that he undergo the Rite of M'al Sharran to free his mind of Apophis. As dissent within the Jaffa ranks grew, Bra'tac enlisted SG-1's aid in supporting K'tano as a rebel leader, but following the revelation of K'tano's deceit as the Goa'uld Imhotep, Bra'tac became a respected leader in his own right among the growing numbers of Rebel Jaffa. He trained Rya'c as his apprentice, and with Rya'c and Teal'c he helped to destroy Anubis's Ancient weapon that threatened to annihilate Earth. He was among the Rebel Jaffa who had evacuated to the Alpha Site, and there he was attacked and left for dead by Anubis's Ashrak, however his symbiote sustained him and he survived, recovering enough strength to kill the Ashrak himself.

Bra'tac was 133 years old when he first encountered SG-1. At age 138, he knew that his symbiote would mature within the year, and that it would be his last. A new prim'ta would reject a host of that age. It is how old warriors die. However, when a meeting of Rebel Jaffa leaders turned out to be an ambush, Bra'tac was among more than a hundred warriors left for dead, their symbiotes removed. Teal'c alone had survived the Ambush of Kresh'taa, and he kept Bra'tac alive for three days by sharing his own symbiote until help could arrive. With no new symbiotes available, Bra'tac was administered regular doses of the Pangaran drug tretonin to replace his immune system, which has granted him many more years of life without the reliance on a symbiote.

As the Rebel Jaffa movement grew, Bra'tac and Rya'c journeyed to Erebus to recruit Jaffa to their cause, however they were taken prisoner and forced to work in the death camp where Bra'tac nearly died when his supply of tretonin was depleted. With support from SG-1, Bra'tac participated in the liberation of the death camp of Erebus which brought new Jaffa to his cause. When Bra'tac accompanied Teal'c to a summit between Ramius and Tilgath of the Goa'uld, they were among the first to encounter the Kull Warriors, Anubis's new breed of super soldier, and Bra'tac assisted SG-1 in the capture and interrogation of one of the Warriors as well as the mission to infiltrate Anubis's base on Tartarus. He returned to the SGC to bring word of Anubis's imminent attack on Earth, and he piloted the cargo ship to Praclarush Taonas in search of Ancient weapons of defense. During the mission he was stabbed by Ronan, a spy and traitor to the Rebel cause, and he nearly died of his injury until O'Neill was able to save his life using the healing power of the Ancients. On the return to Earth, Bra'tac participated in the battle over Antarctica, safely piloting the cargo ship to the Ancient outpost while under attack from Anubis's fleet. Bra'tac joined Teal'c and Rya'c once again on the return mission to the Hak'tyl, providing the voice of reason in negotiations with the Hak'tyl and the Jaffa of Moloc, and at the SGC he officiated at the Rite of Everlasting Union between Rya'c and his betrothed, Kar'yn.

In a final move against the System Lords, Bra'tac joined Teal'c and Tolok in leading the Rebel Jaffa army against the forces of Ba'al, Anubis, and the Replicators at Dakara. By capturing the temple at Dakara, the most holy site of the Jaffa, Bra'tac helped to turn the tide of the Rebel movement. Following the conquest of Dakara, Tolok bestowed upon Bra'tac and Teal'c the highest honor a Jaffa can know, the title of Bloodkin to all Jaffa, in recognition of their enduring courage and vision, and for the strength of will that brought freedom from the Goa'uld. With the defeat of the Replicators and Anubis, Dakara became the new Jaffa homeworld, and Bra'tac was asked to sit on the newly formed High Council, to help build a new Jaffa nation and to lead his people into a new future of freedom.

As a member of the Jaffa High Council, Bra'tac viewed Gerak's rise to power with suspicion, and he and Teal'c urged the Council to reject Gerak's proposal to turn the Jaffa Nation to Origin. Secretly, he raised a resistance among the Jaffa and gathered a fleet to defend Chulak from Gerak's forces, nearly bringing the new nation to civil war. Following Gerak's death, Bra'tac declined any offers of leadership for himself, but he joined Teal'c in proposing the dissolution of the Council in favor of a democratic government. In rallying support for the cause of democracy, he discovered that Ba'al had brainwashed several Council members in an attempt to gain control of the Jaffa Nation for himself, and when Teal'c was captured, tortured, and brainwashed by Ba'al, Bra'tac joined SG-1 in the rescue mission.

Following the arrival of Ori warships in this galaxy, Bra'tac led three motherships to join Odyssey in the battle to defend Chulak, and although he was willing to sacrifice himself and his ship to defend his homeworld, the team was beamed to safety as the three motherships were destroyed. Bra'tac turned again to the SGC when Se'tak, the new Jaffa leader, used the weapon on Dakara to battle the Ori by annihilating worlds that had fallen to Origin. Bra'tac and Landry traveled to Dakara in a futile attempt to convince Se'tak of the madness of his plan, and they only just escaped as Adria's counterstrike destroyed Dakara from orbit. With the Jaffa Nation in disarray, Bra'tac was among the Jaffa leaders to attend the summit at Dar Eshkalon, and he and Teal'c were among the critically wounded when the summit was sabotaged by an agent of Arkad who planted explosive devises that killed 32. Bra'tac eventually recovered from his injuries, and he continues to work tirelessly to rebuild the free Jaffa Nation.

Portrayed by: Tony Amendola

Cross Reference: Ambush of Kresh'taa, Anubis's Ancient Weapon, Apophis, Aron, Ashrak, Brae, Cal Mah, Chulak, Dakara, Dar Eshkalon, Drey'auc, Erebus, Fro'tak, Gerak, Jaffa, Jaffa High Council, Jaffa Nation, Kheb, K'tano, Moac, Rak'nor, Rebel Jaffa, Rite of M'al Sharran, Ronan, Rya'c, Se'tak, Shaq'rel, Teal'c, Tolok, Tretonin, Va'lar

Episode Reference: Bloodlines, The Serpent's Lair, Family, Into the Fire, Maternal Instinct, Threshold, The Warrior, Redemption, Allegiance, The Changeling, Orpheus, Evolution, Lost City, Sacrifices, Reckoning, Threads, The Fourth Horseman, Stronghold, Flesh and Blood, Counterstrike, Talion