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Tolok, a Jaffa who bears the falcon tattoo of Heru'ur, has become an influential and respected leader among the Rebel Jaffa. He added his support to Teal'c's and Bra'tac's plan to reclaim the holy site of the temple at Dakara, and he helped to lead the Rebel Jaffa forces against the armies of Ba'al, Anubis, and the Replicators. Following the conquest of Dakara, Tolok bestowed upon Bra'tac and Teal'c the highest honor a Jaffa can know, granting them the title of Bloodkin to all Jaffa.

Portrayed by: Isaac Hayes

Cross Reference: Bra'tac, Dakara, Heru'ur, Jaffa, Rebel Jaffa

Episode Reference: Reckoning, Threads