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Heru'ur, or Horus the Elder, was the son of Ra and Hathor. He was a powerful System Lord and much feared conqueror, even among the Goa'uld, and a bitter enemy of both Apophis and Sokar. He was guarded by an army of Horus Guards, and his Jaffa wore the symbol of a falcon.

Heru'ur had brought the Tagrean ancestors from Earth, but all evidence of the planet's past was destroyed in an act of defiance against the false god, and only a handful of Tagreans continue to worship him in secret as Horus, the creator. Juna was among his conquered worlds before his forces there were overthrown by SG-1. After the destruction of Thor's Hammer, he invaded Cimmeria, but as his forces were defeated by Thor and the Asgard, he escaped through the stargate. He encountered SG-1 again on Abydos when he tried to steal the Harsesis infant of Amaunet and his mortal enemy Apophis, but he failed to capture the child, and again he escaped.

When Heru'ur and Apophis had grown to control the two largest armies of the Goa'uld, Apophis lured Heru'ur to a meeting in the minefield of the Tobin System on the pretext of discussing an alliance, but with the intention of destroying Heru'ur with his cloaked fleet. His deception succeeded, Heru'ur was destroyed, and his forces were absorbed into the forces of Apophis.

Portrayed by: Douglas H. Arthurs

Cross Reference: Apophis, Artok, Cimmeria, Cimmerians, Goa'uld, Horus, Horus Guard, M'zel, Tarek Solamon, System Lords, Tagrea, Tagreans, Terok, Thor, Tobin System, Tolok

Episode Reference: Thor's Chariot, Secrets, The Serpent's Venom