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TAGREA (P3X-744)


Tagrea had been founded and abandoned by Heru'ur, and all of its ancient history had been erased, leaving little evidence of its predynastic Egyptian heritage. Currently it has a level of technology similar to Earth, including flying craft, ground to air ballistic missiles, modern cities, and monorails. Tagrea is among the planets listed on the Abydos cartouche, but attempts to reach it by stargate had failed because the gate had long ago been buried. Rare ancient writings revealed that Heru'ur's stargate could be found in the desert wastelands of Anhur far north of the city. SG-1 arrived on Tagrea by ship when the Prometheus became stranded in space, and they were able to establish diplomatic relations with the Tagreans and to unearth the stargate to return home.

Location: Richmond Sand Dunes

Cross Reference: Ashwan, Heru'ur, Horus, Kalfas, Prometheus, William Ronson, Tarek Solamon, Tagreans

Episode Reference: Memento

Point of Origin: 25

Tagrea point of origin