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William Ronson

Colonel William Ronson was the first commander of the Prometheus. On an early joint mission with SG-1 to test the systems of the new ship, Prometheus became stranded in space when the hyperdrive malfunctioned, and the crew sought assistance from the people of Tagrea. Ronson distrusted the motives of the Tagreans, but he reluctantly cooperated with O'Neill and Chairman Ashwan to establish relations between the two worlds and to find a way to repair the ship and return home.

On the return voyage, the Prometheus came under attack from an unknown alien vessel and was forced to take cover in a gaseous nebula-like cloud. Colonel Ronson and his crew vanished, leaving Carter alone aboard the Prometheus. When Carter devised a way to rescue both the Prometheus and the alien ship, Colonel Ronson and his crew were returned unharmed, but with no memory of the incident.

Portrayed by: John Novak

Cross Reference: Ashwan, Peter DeLuise, Erin Gant, Kalfas, Colonel Kirkland, Nebula, Lionel Pendergast, Prometheus, Tagrea, Tagreans

Episode Reference: Memento, Grace