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Erin Gant

Major Erin Gant has served on the bridge of the Prometheus during several missions. Under the command of Colonel Ronson, she participated in the shakedown cruise, shared with SG-1, during which a malfunction of the hyperdrive stranded the Prometheus in space near Tagrea. The crew of the Prometheus cooperated with the Tagreans to uncover their stargate in order to find a way home. She also piloted the repaired Prometheus on its return voyage, during which the ship encountered an unknown alien vessel and a gaseous nebula-like cloud. Major Gant was among the crew members who were abducted and later returned by the alien vessel, with no memory of the incident. During the battle against Anubis's fleet over Antarctica, Major Gant again served on the bridge of the Prometheus under the command of General Hammond and Colonel Kirkland.

Portrayed by: Ingrid Kavelaars

Cross Reference: Colonel Kirkland, Nebula, Prometheus, William Ronson

Episode Reference: Memento, Grace, Lost City