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Commander Kalfas, head of the Tagrean Security Force, was highly suspicious of the arrival of SG-1 and the Prometheus on Tagrea, fearing that they planned an invasion. He strongly disagreed with Chairman Ashwan, the Tagrean political leader, who welcomed and cooperated with the visitors. Taking advantage of the loyalty of the military and his growing political support, Kalfas took possession of the newly uncovered stargate and held Jonas and Teal'c prisoner, claiming he was protecting Tagrea's security. Despite the risk of a civil war, Ashwan challenged him, and with support from the Prometheus he forced Kalfas to surrender. Kalfas was arrested and relieved of his command.

Portrayed by: Miguel Fernandes

Cross Reference: Ashwan, Prometheus, William Ronson, Tarek Solamon, Tagrea, Tagreans

Episode Reference: Memento