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M'zel had been a Jaffa in the service of Heru'ur, and he bore the tattoo of Heru'ur's falcon. When Heru'ur was killed, M'zel was forced to pledge his allegiance to Apophis, however, he joined the Rebel cause, and eventually became a leader among the Rebel Jaffa. Despite his deep distrust and resentment of the Tok'ra, he helped to keep an uneasy peace while both Tok'ra and Rebel Jaffa were stationed at the Alpha Site. When the site was attacked by Anubis's forces, however, he insisted that the Tok'ra had been responsible for the security breach, and he and the surviving Rebel Jaffa chose to end their alliance with the Tok'ra and to take their leave to form their own bases and communities. When the rogue NID operatives of the Trust began targeting Jaffa worlds with symbiote poison, millions among the Rebel Jaffa were killed and M'zel again suspected the Tok'ra. He was reunited with Teal'c on P4S-161, the site of a Jaffa massacre, and he accompanied him to P3S-114 to make contact with the Tok'ra operative Zarin. However, while they were on the planet, P3S-114 became the next target of the Trust, and M'zel and every other Goa'uld, Tok'ra, and Jaffa on the planet was instantly killed by the symbiote poison.

Portrayed by: Mark Gibbon
*Cameo - Character named for Bill Mizel: 1st Assistant Director

Cross Reference: Alpha Site, Delek, Heru'ur, Jaffa, P3S-114, P4S-161, Rebel Jaffa, Symbiote Poison, Trust, Zarin

Episode Reference: Death Knell, Endgame