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08.09 Episode 163
Airdate: September 10, 2004

Teal'c is in a foul mood. Ishta, leader of the female Hak'tyl warriors, refuses to wait for the Jaffa rebellion to gather strength and insists that the Goa'uld Moloc must be defeated now. Of greater concern to Teal'c, however, is that his son, Rya'c, is betrothed to Kar'yn, a Hak'tyl warrior, and plans to be married in three days. Soon Ishta arrives with word that the Hak'tyl must evacuate their world. O'Neill offers them temporary sanctuary, and the entire Hak'tyl nation arrives at the SGC. There the wedding rehearsal proceeds, but neither Kar'yn nor Rya'c will kneel in respect, and they declare their engagement is broken.

A message from Ishta's contact requests a summit, and she and Teal'c travel off-world to meet with Rebel Jaffa leaders. However, the summit is ambushed by Moloc's Jaffa. Although Teal'c, Ishta, and Aron narrowly escape, they have no supply of tretonin, and Teal'c and Ishta grow weaker. During the night, Ishta is captured by Moloc and tortured mercilessly. Teal'c is uncertain if Aron can be trusted, but he contacts the SGC and plans a coordinated attack. The SGC launches a UAV with a supply of tretonin and a laser-targeting device for a guided missile attack, but the craft is shot down by Moloc's Jaffa.

Aron proves his loyalty when he rescues Teal'c from an ambush, and they salvage the tretonin and the laser from the downed UAV. As Moloc prepares to return to his homeworld, the stargate suddenly activates. Teal'c single-handedly rescues Ishta as Aron points the laser beam directly at Moloc and guides the SGC missiles that arrive through the gate to their target. Moloc is defeated, but his domain will soon be claimed by Ba'al. At the SGC, Rya'c and Kar'yn have reconciled, Bra'tac presides over their wedding ceremony, and the Hak'tyl depart to their new homeworld where they will be safe to continue their fight for freedom.

Written by: Christopher Judge
Directed by: Andy Mikita

Guest Starring: Jolene Blalock as Ishta, Tony Amendola as Bra'tac, Neil Denis as Rya'c, Mercedes de la Zerda as Kar'yn, Royston Innes as Moloc, Gary Jones as Technician, Jeff Judge as Aron, Noah Danby as Cha'ra, Steve Lawlor as Cor'ak, Dan Payne as Jaffa, Simone Bailly as Ka'lel, Dan Shea as Sergeant Siler

Reference: Aron, Bra'tac, Hak'tyl, Ishta, Jaffa, Ka'lel, Kar'yn, Missiles, Moloc, Rebel Jaffa, Rya'c, Sergeant Siler, Teal'c, Tretonin, UAV


Destinations & Inhabitants

Secret Base

Destinations & Inhabitants

Rebel Jaffa Summit


  • The Hak'tyl now take tretonin and have freed themselves from the use of symbiotes.
  • Goa'uld/Jaffa language:
    • Shel kek nem ron - Rebel Jaffa password - I die free.
    • Sim'ka - an old term referring to one who is betrothed
    • Shim'roa - honeymoon
    • Rite of Oronak - an archaic tradition involving the first eve of shim'roa (one's honeymoon), and a very sharp knife
  • Ba'al controls the army of Kull Warriors since the destruction of Anubis. After the death of Moloc, Ba'al claimed Moloc's domain.
  • Teal'c is much more skilled at ping pong than O'Neill.


  • What was my question again? [O'Neill]
    Um, 'How's it going?' [Daniel]
    Seemed so innocuous at the time. [O'Neill]
  • I've always found that sticking your fingers in your ears and humming loudly solves a whole slew of problems. [O'Neill]
  • You are indeed a wise and gracious leader, O'Neill of Minnesota. [Bra'tac]
    Sit down, you old coot. [O'Neill]
  • You know what it took to get approval for "Tailgate Tuesdays"? [O'Neill]
  • They can have a piƱata. That's always fun. [O'Neill]
  • Have you seen Teal'c? [O'Neill]
    I think he's locked himself in his room. [Carter]
    That chicken. [O'Neill]


  • O'Neill calls Teal'c "T": 1
  • Injuries:
    • Teal'c: weakened by lack of tretonin