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The name "Hak'tyl," which means "liberation," refers to both the female Jaffa warriors of Moloc's domain and to the planet they had established as a sanctuary. Thirty years ago, the Goa'uld Moloc had decreed that only male children would be allowed to live, as only they could strengthen his armies and lead him to victory in the war of the gods. All female children were to be sacrificed in the ceremony of fire immediately after birth. Ishta, a high temple priestess of Moloc, became a leader among the priestesses and female Jaffa of Moloc's domain, and she formed the Hak'tyl warriors, women similar to the Amazons of ancient Greek mythology, who spirited the female infants away to safety on a forested world unknown to Moloc. The young children had been genetically altered to depend upon symbiotes for survival once they had reached the age of prata, or puberty. In order for the children to live, the warriors were forced to raid Jaffa scout parties to steal symbiotes from the fallen Jaffa.

Following their contact with SG-1, the Hak'tyl have become allies of Earth, and have accepted SG-1's offer of tretonin which has eliminated their dependence on Goa'uld symbiotes. The Hak'tyl also allied themselves with the Rebel Jaffa movement, despite their focus on the more immediate goal of eliminating Moloc. When the location of their planet was compromised, the Hak'tyl refugees were taken in at the SGC for several days until a suitable new homeworld could be found for them. During that time, a summit of the Hak'tyl and members of the Rebel Jaffa was ambushed by Moloc's forces, and although Moloc was killed in the ensuing battle, his domain was absorbed by Ba'al. The Hak'tyl relocated to their new secure homeworld, where they remained committed to their alliance with both the SGC and the Rebel Jaffa. Following the defeat of the Goa'uld, the Hak'tyl became a part of the new Jaffa Nation, and the Hak'tyl warrior Ka'lel has served on the Jaffa High Council.

Cross Reference: Aron, Goa'uld Language, Ishta, Jaffa, Ka'lel, Kar'yn, Mala, Moloc, Neith, Nesa, Nictal, Rebel Jaffa, Tretonin

Episode Reference: Birthright, Sacrifices